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16 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:03 GMT+2

March 28, 2019

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CIMC it previews that in the 2019 question of new container he will be inferior to that record last year

In the 2018 produced sales of container from the Chinese company they have been pairs to beyond 1,5 million teu of containers for cargos dry (+18.0%) and 168 thousand container reefer (+54.2%)

Last year the Chinese producer of container Lowers International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC), between i world leaders of the field, have recorded revenues record pairs to 93,50 billion yuan (13,9 billion dollars), with an increment of +22.5% on 2017, of which 31,54 billion yuan generated from the activity of production of containers (+25.9%) and, in particular, 21,61 billion from the branch of production of container for cargos it dry (+21.9%) and 5,02 billion from that of the container production refrigerator (+53.5%). In the 2018 costs they are piled to 79,59 billion yuan, with a rise of +27.8% to which they have mainly contributed to losses for reduction of the asset value pairs to 2,42 billion (+361.3%) and devaluation of the credits pairs to 304,5 million (voice does not anticipate in budget 2017). The operating profit has attested 6,58 billion to yuan (+55.3%) and the profit to clearly 4,07 billion yuan (+28.8%).

In the 2018 produced sales of container from the CIMC they have reached a total pairs to 1,7 million teu (+20.7%), of which beyond 1,5 million teu of containers for cargos it dry (+18.0%) and 168 thousand container reefer (+54.2%). The Chinese company has specified that last year the resumption of the question of new container produced from the group is continued, with orders - it has specified CIMC - that they are remarkablly increased regarding the year precedence reaching a level record. CIMC it has found that, however, the profit margins considerably have been reduced because of the increase of the prices of the materials and the decrease of the selling prices of the determined container intensifying itself of the competition in the field and from other factors.

In the solo fourth trimester of the 2018 revenues of the Chinese group they have reached absolute the quarterly record of 26,59 billion yuan, with an increment of +19.0% on the correspondent period of the year precedence to which it has not contributed the volume of transactions generated from the segment of the container production that has been pairs to 6,91 billion yuan (- 1.5%). Operating and useful profit clearly pairs respective to 2,52 billion yuan (+57.0% have turned out) and 1,21 billion yuan (- 13.0%).

In the period October-December last year the produced sales of container from the group have totaled 388 thousand teu (+1.7%), of which 336 thousand containers dry cargo (- 1.1%) and 52 thousand containers reefer (+24.4%).

CIMC it considers that in 2019 own new important quantitative customers they will continue to order to the company of container, but the question will turn out inferior to that record of 2018.

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