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11 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:33 GMT+2

March 29, 2019

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Spediporto, more than to only look to China we prepare the genoese harbour system to be confronted with the total economy

Pitto: "our intention is that to apply the principle of the Trade Connectivity"

The east wind that in the last days is died fort from these you leave carried from the visit in Italy of Chinese president XI Jinping, with the memorandum of understanding which signed from the governments of the two nations in order to collaborate in the within of the Chinese project of the New Via of the Silk that has raised expectations, apprehensions, arguments let alone pre-emptive illusions and disappointments, has not still stopped to churn the rebellions of the political world and of that entrepreneurial Italian, both anchor uncertain on what Palazzo Chigi has undersigned truly, that is what has been engaged us to make and if indeed it has been engaged us to make something, and if the Chineses have come to carry money without nothing to ask in exchange or if instead there are sneaky sights to take control strategic infrastructures for their commerce than for ours more.

A wind that still churns also the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, fort but of two antithetic certainties. Taking part today in the capital of Liguria to the assembly of the association of the genoese shippers Spediporto, Toti has asserted that the agreements with China "are of the bulbs that I hope become flowers". From the spring breeze capacity from Jinping the president of the Region attends therefore that soon petals hatch and bloom gems. To east the sun rises, but it is from east that salt also the dusk. And perhaps Toti is worried that the spilling of petals, as in the history has often happened, can preannounce the steps of a tyranny: "this - it has hurried to specify - does not want to say a cession of sovereignty".

The mayor of Genoa, apparently less keen on the understanding signed a few days ago with the Chineses has kept on the safe side also already then specifying that from Italian part nothing is not sold: "we do not want to work at all costs with the Chineses" - Marco Bucci in the within of the assembly of Spediporto has said today, specifying that the origin of the investor does not interest. Also some entrepreneurs seem to think it so: if not there are univocal ideas on the geopolitical or strategic scenes, on which anyone he has something to say, on the opportunities offered from the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) the question mark is a solo, that is if he will carry activity and money or not.

It is obvious that an association as that of the genoese shippers cannot not be confronted with a proposal as the BRI, estimating some the possible opportunities and the eventual disadvantages. If China is seen obviously as a commercial partner with which it is right to rapportare itself, however Spediporto seems to prefer a more pragmatic approach: to prepare at best the genoese and from Liguria marine-harbour system in order to face the possible future scenes of world-wide the commercial exchanges.

In its relation to the assembly, president of Spediporto, Alessandro Pitto, has remembered that the aces carrying of the connection of Maritime the national economies to that total one are the "Connectivity", the "Port Efficiency" and the "Hinterland Connectivity", three strategic assets - he has explained - that it is necessary to reunite in the concept of "Trade Connectivity". Our intention - it has added - is that to apply the principle of the Trade Connectivity in its triple expression upgrading it with ulterior elements: "Automation Technology", "Digitalization" and "Internet of Things", the all certificabile through a "KPI Application". "We want - it has clarified Pitto - a concept various of portualità that places to the center the goods and the satisfaction of the customers, valuing the total row of the services. Inside to these new models of "connectivity and performing" must be but dropped a mechanism of certification of the port".

Pitto has moreover asked operators and institutions to work together to a "Bold Plane", an ambitious plan - it has explained - that it values also the Valpolcevera, the valley crossed from the highway viaduct collapsed Morandi Bridge last August, "converting it to logistic activities 4.0"

If the harbour institutions make contest because the ports of call that they administer are included in the gigantic operation that Beijing has announced five years ago with the declared scope to promote the regional cooperation and to strengthen the bilateral cooperation, Spediporto propose more rather than to prepare the Italian ports, beginning from that of Genoa, to face the challenges of the total economy, that they come from China or elsewhere.


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