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19 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:04 GMT+2

April 4, 2019

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To ten years from world-wide the economic crisis of the 2008 shipping it must be still confronted with sovracapacità and hires to too much low levels

It finds Bennett (ICS) supporting that increase of the world-wide population and demand for better standards than life they are guarantees of an ulterior increase of the question of marine transport

To ten years from world-wide the economic crisis of the 2008 causes of the difficulties faced from the navigation companies are still the same ones: sovracapacità and hires to too much low levels. It has emphasized the vice general secretary of the shipowning association International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Simon Bennett, taking part yesterday to Istanbul to Global Maritime organized Summit 2019 from Seatrade in collaboration with the Turkish Chamber of Shipping. "Then - Bennett has explained - the navigation companies had to give proof of sense of proportion in ordering new ships, in order to avoid to suffocate the resumption. Ciononostante the dark clouds of protectionism and the slow down of the increase of economies key - it has found - mean that to avoid an excess of orders more important that never is time".

"The opinion - it has continued the vice general secretary of the ICS - is still uniform on the issue if the fast globalization to which we have assisted in last the thirty years can have made its course or if the slower rate of growth represents a kind of permanent structural change. This that is sure is that in the 2019 perspectives of the total economy, and therefore of the question of marine transport, they seem to get worse".

"In 2018 - Bennett has remembered - the orders of ships in terms of gross capacities in tons are diminished of 14% coming down of 17% beneath of the average from the crisis of 2008. This suggests that in fact many shipowners could have resistito to the temptation to emit an excessive number of orders and at the beginning of the 2019 orderbook world-wide of the shipping seemed stable around 10% of the fleet. However - it has specified Bennett - the reluctance to face the excess of ability in the field of the shipbuilding by the governments in Asia, where the overwhelming majority of the ships is constructed, continues to being a serious problem".

"Besides the temptation to emit an excessive number of orders - it has continued the vice general secretary of the shipowning association - the decisions on when to supply to the money laundering of the older ships they turn out to be fundamental terms of the equation. The good news - it has added - is that finally important normative uncertainties are resolved some that they had been profitable more complicated the decisions on when it was better to unravel itself of the old ships. In particular, this comprises the dates of effectiveness of the Convention on the control and the management of ballast waters and the warehouses of the ships. And even if the exact cost of the respect of the norms of the IMO on the sulfur content in the fuel still is disowned, the situation would have to become clearer after January 2020, now that the IMO has confirmed that the date of effectiveness of the maximum limit of the sulfur tenor is irrevocable. The ICS - it has specified Bennett - also is relieved by the decision of 2018 of the OCSE, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develop, to resume negotiates on an agreement in order to remove the measures of distortion from the market of the shipbuilding that contributes to the sovracapacità. However it remains to see if China, than is not member of the OCSE, will take active part to you".

"Although the risks for the uncertainty situations that will characterize the next years, are always reason for being optimistic", it has emphasized Bennett. Someone, to tell the truth, would have to comment on the foundations on which the trusting attitude of the vice general secretary of the International Chamber of Shipping is based: "the United Nations - it has stated - have touched up towards the high the projections of the increase of the population to a quota narcotic of 8,6 billion in 2030 regarding 7,7 billion in 2018. With that which it seems to be the unstoppable question of standard of life more elevated in the emergent economies - it is the impassible observation of Bennett - this indicates that the question in the long term of international marine transport would have to continue to increase in meaningful way".

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