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20 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:07 GMT+2

April 4, 2019

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In the 2018 freight trains enlivened from Helvetic company BLS Cargo they are diminished of -2,7%

The society exhorts to attend the opening de corridor of 4 meters on the Gottardo to end 2020 before to proceed to important works on the lines

In 2018 railway company Helvetic BLS Cargo it has enlivened 17,051 freight trains, with a bending of the -2,7% regarding the year precedence. The society, that it is participated by Swiss BLS (52%), from French SNCF Logistics (45%) and from the Italian Ambrogio Trasporti, has explained that the decrease of the traffic volume is caused by the numerous interruptions and limitations of line taxes from the presence of yards. BLS Cargo has emphasized that, in spite of such reduction, the performances of transport, measured in ton-kilometer clean, are increased of +9.9% regarding 2017 thanks to the greater number of heavy trains in transit and that, consequently, the market share of the transalpine traffic goods railway through Switzerland transported from the company, measured in gross tons, is increased of three points percentages, reaching 30%.

However BLS Cargo has complained as the railway activity and its competitiveness are put to risk from the frequent ones and been extended line interruptions because of the presence of yards. The society has evidenced that, although own great efforts, are able to not to compensate the numerous limitations taxes and to allow freely with the circular traffic and that this has an effect negative on the quality and the reliability of the trains, than in its turn weakens the position of the track regarding the road. BLS Cargo has sped up therefore a careful planning of the construction work on the transit aces and has emphasized the necessity that, before to proceed to ulterior important interruptions, is opened the corridor of 4 meters on Gottardo in December 2020, so that the traffic can be turned aside through this axis.

Last year the BLS turnover Cargo is piled to 235 million franchi Swiss (+15.8%) and the profit clearly has attested 5,4 million, with an increase of 1,9 million regarding 2017.

Commenting the achieved results last year, the managing director of the Helvetic company, Dirk Stahl, have emphasized that with the acquisition of the Belgian railroad the goods Crossrail, for which a month is signed an agreement makes, in the 2019 BLS Cargo he will consolidate own position on the corridor goods, with an ulterior increase of competitiveness: "we above all see - it has specified - a potential one in the ongoing management of the common trains and in the better employment and more interconnected of the international fleet of locomotives on the corridor goods towards Belgium".

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