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April 18, 2019

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Ok of the Parliament EU to Regolamento that institutes a system of European only interface marine

Approved of also the new limits of emissions of co2 for the trucks of new manufacturing

Today the European Parliament, with 508 favorable ballots, 24 contrarys and 19 abstentions, has adopted Regolamento that institutes a system of European only interface marine and repeals the directive n. 65 of 2010 on the formalities of declaration of the ships in arrival or departure from ports of the Member States, new Regulations that - it had evidenced Violeta Bulc, European commissioner to the Transports, exhorting the europarlamentari to approve of the provision it is previewed they will reduce the administrative burdens with a saving until 725 million euros in 2030 and will halve the times in order to fulfill to the declaration obligations.

The green light to Regolamento is received with favor from the association of the European shipowners and from the European union of the workers of the transports that, wishing that shortly the formal adoption of the legislative text by the Council to the aim of its effectiveness and the much wait happens administrative simplification for the shipping, they have emphasized that "from various years the social parts of the marine transports have asked a reduction for the administrative burdens for the marine transport. The infinite bureaucratic practical to which today it must be tackled - have evidenced the European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) - the motivation and the working activity of the commanders and the officials who work on board of the ships and of staff of the navigation companies undermine that work to earth let alone the activities that are carried out in the ports".

"The new Regulations that institute a Maritime European Window Single - have found ECSA and ETF - it will carry to a harmonization and a reuse of the information and can reduce the administrative burdens at the expense of the crews and of the operators determined from the precedence directive on the declaration formalities. With the adoption of Regolamento - the shipowning association and the labor organization have rimarcato - the marine transport ahead makes a great step towards being able to benefit of a true only market and real facilitations and simplifications".

In particular, ECSA and ETF have manifested appreciation because Regolamento previews the definition of a harmonized directory and exhausting of the information that will have to be supplied, while ulterior declaration obligation, with the communication of additional information, could be applied single in exceptional circumstances and debitamente justified. Moreover they have expressed satisfaction because harmonized electronic sheets will be defined that they will have to be accepted in any port and that the manual procedure of shipment of the data could be carried out through a graphical interface of easy uses that will allow to comply with the declaration obligations to prescind from which is the port in which port of call must be made.

ECSA and ETF have received with favor also the fact that the States EU will have to supply an adequate and necessary formation to all the staff involved in the management of national the only interface marine. The association and the union have emphasized that such formation constitutes also an opportunity in order to improve the communication between the ship and the operators to earth and will be able to contribute to the marine mutual understanding and the support between and personal of earth.

Between today's deliberations of the Parliament EU it is given the go-ahead free with 474 favorable ballots, 47 contrarys and 11 abstentions also to another initiative "Europe on the Move" approving of the proposal of Regulations that for the first time defines the levels of performance in matter of emissions of co2 of the heavy vehicles of new manufacturing and of program the reduction. The directive proposal introduces a definition of "clean vehicles" and fixed objectives minimums for the contracts publics indetti for their purchase. The proposal demands that the emissions of co2 of the heavy vehicles as trucks and trailer trucks are reduced of 30% within 2030, with a objective of intermediate reduction of 15% within 2025. Moreover, within the 2025 producers of heavy vehicles they will have to guarantee that at least a market share of 2% of the sales of new vehicles is constituted by vehicles to emissions zero or lowlands emissions in order to contrast steady increase of the emissions of the road traffic, of which about a quarter is produced by the heavy vehicles. Besides this, in the 2022 EU commission it will have to propose new objectives post 2030, online with the agreement of Paris on the climate.

"It is smash hit - Libera Europea Alliance has emphasized the reporter Bas Eickhout (group Greens/) - than the EU acts for the first time on the emissions of co2 of the heavy vehicles. The regulations will help to reduce the pollution on our roads and to improve the quality of the air. The future of the cleaned trucks more will be guided by the innovation. This legislation would have therefore to encourage the industry to introduce innovations and progresses in technological field".


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