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May 15, 2019

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The point on the independent ships of Propeller Club of Venice and ATHENA

Bernardo: that of the smart ships is not a vision in the long term

Some clarity on the independent ships or to remote control, on the possibility that these units will have of being employees on the main marine routes and when could be located in service is made yesterday in the course of the convention "Smart ships: associated problematic technologies and" that one has held to Mestre (Venice) and that has been organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice in collaboration with the Italian Association of Naval Technology (ATHENA), the University of Trieste and the Lloyd's Register of Trieste.

That of the independent ships - it has emphasized president of Propeller Club, Massimo Bernardo - "is not a vision in the long term". It is previewed that from the 2020 the first completely independent units in local within will already be operating while for 2025 is attended the income in service of independent ships on routes short sea, and quite within the next decade this technology could interest transoceaniche ships, services that is long-range. "In this context - it has found Bernardo - they are in fact burning the times because it has been understood that it is a possibility that, as important companies of navigation have announced some, will be able to be verified already in the near future".

On the reasons for which us he is himself decidedly orienting towards the introduction of these technologies, when the economic sustainability of the investments necessary is still not known to develop them, has stopped itself the Venetian president of ATHENA, Walter Prendin: "the reason - it has explained - is very simple and is of economic character", as it seems that the independent ships can in transport afford a saving of the order of 20%.

About the implied normative implications from the introduction of these ships admiral Pietro Pellizzari has spoken, commander of the Marine Direction of Venice: "some experts - he has observed - assert that from the technological point of view not there would be great problems while, against, he seems instead problems from the point of view of the rules IMO exist that has already classified the autonomous ship in four various groups: those which adopt remote systems of assistance; those to remote control with crew on board; the units to remote control without crew; the ships completely to independent guide". Pellizzari has stopped moreover on other problems legacies to the introduction of these ships, "deriving - it has specified - from the inadequacy of the legislative context, by the value of the prizes of the policies regarding those today applied on traditional ships, from the problems legacies to the cyberones, to those of harbour infrastructures and the trade-union relations until, icing on the cake, to the approval of a supernational normative new in order to navigate beyond territorial waters of that State that had some to approve of navigation".

"Smart ships: panoramic of the technologies key" it has been the topic dealt from the Venetian president of ATHENA, Prendin; "Digital ships and the cyber security in the shipping sector" that reporting by Paolo Scialla of Lloyd Register of Trieste. "Recent developments of the systems of decisional support in leak" have been the topic of the relation of Luca Braidotti of the University of Trieste and "Abandonment of a ship with its crew and Title 2 of Convention MTL 2006 "that of the relation of Paolo Siligato, inspector for the Adriatic north of the International Transport Worker's Federation (ITF).

Between the other numerous participations those of the marittimista lawyer Marco Seppi on the aspects legal lawyers and of the smart ships, president of the Association Shipment Imprese Venice (Assosped) and vice-president of Fedespedi, Andrea Scarpa, and of Stefano Nava and Gianandrea Todesco, representatives of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale.

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