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22 September 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:47 GMT+2

May 24, 2019

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Global Shippers' Forum, the measures for the decarbonizzazione of the shipping with must penalize the loaders

The association says not to the slow steaming, emphasizes the necessity not to suffocate the economic increase and to avoid an excessive concentration in the field of the marine transport

The Global Shippers' Forum (GSF), organization constituted in 2006 with the scope to represent the interests of the shipment houses and the loaders that are users of services of international transportation, has the fear that the topic of the reduction of the environmental impact of the transports, and in particular of the shipping, is faced without to hold account of the necessity to find solutions that they do not suffocate the economic increase.

This worry is expressed by the association also with reference to the "ITF Transport Outlook the 2019", relationship introduced in recent days from the International Transport Forum (ITF) that it evidences the future challenges that will have to be faced from the field of the transports. The relationship of the ITF - it has found the general secretary of the Global Shippers' Forum, James Hookham - is essentially concentrated on the necessity to decarbonize the transports, placing in this context practically every alteration or development that interests the field of the logistics. This challenge - it has observed Hookham - is particularly challenging for the marine transport, that it is the modality of dominant transport relatively to the intercontinental traffics and that transports consisting the volumes more than goods to total level. The relationship - it has specified the general secretary of the Global Shippers' Forum - lists to sundries solutions, in particular navigation to lowland speed, but according to the GSF this would have consequences many negatives for the users of the marine transport, that is the loaders. This - Hookham has explained - would involve an ulterior increase of the times of delivery and, therefore, it does not turn out to be a sustainable solution".

Exhorting to establish an open dialogue between the field of the marine transport and the governmental institutions so that the political measures that will be assumed are practicable and in favor of the increase and of the occupation, Hookham has evidenced that "the transport of the goods would have to be considered means rather than an in itself same aim".

Moreover, relatively to the shipping, the association of the shippers has found that the topics of the marine transport would have to be of tight Maritime responsibility of the International Organization (IMO) and, to such purpose, the GSF has manifested the disappointment of the shippers because in occasion of 74th the reunion of the Committee for the safeguard of the marine atmosphere of the IMO, held last week, decisions are not assumed. "It is essential - it has emphasized Hookham - to characterize a solution that promotes technical and operating measures in order to reduce the co2 and not to simply transfer the ulterior costs on the loaders or to increase the times of transport meaningfully".

The general secretary of the GSF has rimarcato also the dangers for the loaders implied from the next evolution of the total system of the transports delineated from the publication of the ITF: "the relationship - it has specified Hookham - emphasizes moreover that, even if the transport modalities alternatives grow to a lesser degree in terms of volume of goods transported, not last the connections airplane and those railway ones between Asia and Europe, the oceanic marine transport will continue to being dominant for the world-wide traffics: in 2050 more than three quarters than all the goods will continue to being transported from the ships, practically so as it was in 2015. The relationship - it has still found Hookham - indicates that the field of the shipping, under the pressure turns to reduce the costs and to maintain the profit, stretches to concentrate itself mainly on a limited number of ports and marine routes. The risk for the loaders - Hookham has denounced - is to end in order to be confronted with an offer of marine transport still more concentrated dominant and, with less choice and potentially less quality, because of the decrease of the competition".

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