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May 27, 2019

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The inquiry on the contests made up in the port of Naples sees involved inquired tens of

About 22 million euros of contracts they have been object of disturbing of auction

The Harbour office - Guard Costiera of Naples has been profitable notices some details of the inquiry on the system of contracts made up in the port of Naples that has carried the soldiers of the Body, on disposition of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Naples, this morning to execute six decrees of precautionary custody and a disqualification from public office for 12 months let alone numerous searchs and seizures at the expense of entrepreneurs and civil employees publics of the Harbour Authority of Naples (now Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central), within a wide and complex inquiry that it sees involved inquired tens of(on 27 May 2019).

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Naples has coordinated the investigations lead from the Harbour office - Guard Costiera of Naples that, for beyond two years, it has carried out locked and you articulate activities of judiciary police also using which adulterated systems of wiretap, computer science and environmental. The inquiry has assessed that about 22 million euros of contracts they have been disturbing object of auction to work of an association in order committing a crime that it has structured an illegal system composed by dependent of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central and entrepreneurs.

The operation is called "Criptocorruzione 2,0", name connected to the fact that entrepreneurs and civil employees used a coded language, that he has been profitable necessary to analyze thousands of telephone and environmental conversations carefully in order to decrypt the coded words used for cooing the contract contests and in order to come to an agreement themselves on the bribes, and to the fact that has happened a substantial "evolution" of the corruttivo system.

The Harbour office - Guard Costiera has specified that the first results of the investigation have carried already in May 2017 to the confession of in charge of the Office the Maintenances of the Harbour Authority of Naples that it has admitted to have pocketed 40,000 euros of bribes confirming that there was a real system of made up contracts and corruption. Moreover the investigations have evidenced the various methodologies with which corrupting corrupts and succeeded to manipulate the contracts.

A first system used from the civil employees corrupts was that to so create fictitious urgencies from being able to adopt simplified procedures of contest that publics to agree preventively with the plotting companies allowed with the civil employees the amounts of the work let alone the company that had to be adjudicated the contract. An other system was that to swell the directory of the companies to invite for the contracts through the insertion of companies that were only formally and apparently various but that, instead, companies registered to figurehead have turned out making and part of the same trust of the plotting societies.

Moreover the Harbour office has specified that the civil employees corrupts, to the aim to assign the contracts to the entrepreneurs of the system, frazionavano the amount of the work in order to maintain to the contract within the threshold limit of the direct confidence and, often, ammantavano the contest of a presumed legality entrusting the aliquot work under threshold to apparently various companies that instead turned out to be managed from the same entrepreneur. The investigations have assessed also that the projects of the work came directly written up from the obliging companies and then digitally passed to the civil employees corrupts.

The Harbour office has moreover marked that, between practical the fraudulent ones used, if of contracts of important entity that did not allow the resource with simplified procedures of contest, the corruttivo system were also in a position to piloting the nomination of the members of the aggiudicatrici commission. Besides this the civil employees corrupts drafted the contest notices and the administrative actions returning them intentionally encode so as to be able to make to us to carry out work of smaller entities against a wider and full bodied amount of contract.

The Harbour office has specified that proliferating of the corruttivo system it found its humus in the administrative confusion of the commissariali managements of the Harbour Authority, inbred also from the absence of adapted internal controls let alone from the absolute inefficiency of Flat Anticorruzione of which the agency it had been equipped.


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