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20 September 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:23 GMT+2

May 28, 2019

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Weak person the increase of the international commerce of the nations of the G20 in the first trimester

The Italian exports and imports have recorded respective contractions of the -0,3% and of -2,8%

In the first trimester of the 2019 increase of international the commercial exchanges of the nations of the G20 it is continued to being weak person. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develop (OCSE) has announced that in the first three months of this year the rate increase of the exports of the G20, on destagionalizzata and expressed base in running USA dollars, has been of +0.4%, while the imports are diminished of -1,2%. Regarding the third trimester of 2018, when the first cycle of new tariff measures that have interested the USA-China commerce - it has specified the OCSE - the exports of the G20 are diminished of the -0,8% and the imports has taken effect of -2,7%.

The OCSE has specified that in the first trimester of this year the imports have contracted in the United States (- 1.9%), with the American imports from the China that in particular - second the preliminary data - they have recorded a decrease of the -12% that has turned out to be the more important bending. Also the imports in China, after the contraction of the -6,0% of the trimester precedence, are continued to diminish (- 0.5%) also in the first trimester of 2019. The OCSE has evidenced that, although they are increased of +3.9% in China and +0.7% in the USA, also the exports has turned out little dynamic being remained under the recent maximums.

Moreover the OCSE has announced that, because of supply chain that by now they are closely integrated, also the international commerce of other Asian economies is influenced by the increasing commercial tensions between China and the United States, so as from the exchange rates with the USA dollar, exports and imports in fort decrease in Indonesia (respective -4,3% and -15,3%), Japan (- 2.3% and -4,7%) and Korea (- 7.1% and -7,7%). So also the economies G20 of the region have not recorded a meaningful decrease of the commercial exchanges.

Relatively to the other economies of the G20, solo the United Kingdom has recorded a strong increase of exports (+6.2%) and imports (- 5.0%) partially as consequence of the increase of escorts of the enterprises and the increase of international the business activity because of the uncertainty on the escape of the United Kingdom from the European Union. In the remaining economies of the G20 the exports have grown moderately in Australia (+1.1%), Mexico (+1.1%), EU 28 (+1.0%), Germany (+0.9%), India (+0.8%) and France (+0.7%) and the imports have grown strongly in Turkey (+5.3%) and Russia (+3.5%). As for Italy, the exports have marked a contraction of the -0,3% and the exports have marked an emphasized decrease more of -2,8%.

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