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May 28, 2019

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Federation of the Sea, also the last relationship on the field demonstrates the importance of the marine industry for Europe

European the Economy Blue - it has specified the Federation - records a turnover of 383 billion euros and appoints to a job 1,7 million people

The marine industry is a vital and strategic field for Europe. It has emphasized the Federation of the Sea remembering that the importance of this field is found also by the "Blue EU Economy Report 2019", the annual report on the Economy Blue managed from the EU commission under the direction of DGMARE and published in recent days that it evidences as Europe is marine high power, with 80% of the foreign trade of the EU and 40% of its internal commerce that use navigation. Moreover the European shipowners control almost 40% of the world-wide tonnage of mercantile ship, the European shipbuilding industry is world leader in the construction of cruise ships and yacht of luxury and the industry of production of equipment and marine members of the Union serves half of the world-wide fleet.

European Alla Blue Economy is attributed a volume of transactions of 658 billion euros, of which 180 billion added value (therefore almost 480 billion costs intermediate, that is of purchases carried out in the other fields of the economy), and a million occupation four attache's.

The Federation of the Sea has found that of the EU commission is "an important relationship, though migliorabile, since the brought back data refer 2017 per year, not allowing to estimate the more recent evolutions, and that a qualitative analysis beside that quantitative one lacks, both necessary in order to orient the political choices and to strengthen the European blue economy. Moreover - it has still observed the Federation that represents the Italian marine cluster - between the data coastal tourism and the hydrocarbon extraction are included also, which concur respective for 30% and 14% to the volume of transactions of the Economy Blue and for 54% and 4% to its occupation, giving some an image at first sight imprecisa if one considers that the economy of the sea must only include the real marine activities (in Italy, for example, those fields is not analyzed in the relationship dedicated periodically from the Federation of the Sea and the Censis national to the marine cluster, study of which will exit in autumn sixth edition). Depurato of such voices, the data for European the Economy Blue are pairs to 383 billion euros as turnover and 1,7 million people as occupation".

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