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31 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:09 GMT+2

May 30, 2019

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Attended this year the new historical record of traffic crocieristo in the Adriatic

Introduced today the report of Answers Tourism on the activity cruise and ferry in the region

Last year tourism by sea in the Adriatic has produced beyond 420 million euros of tourist expense to earth (excursions and visits, night's passings, pre-post travel, shopping and catering, etc) by crocieristi and passengers on the trip on ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans, but the economic impact of the fields cruise and ferry in the region is in reality very more consisting in consideration of the fact that the direct expenses of the tourists constitute only a part of the total contribution to the economy of the Adriatic. It emphasizes the new edition of the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, the relationship of search introduced today to Ancona by Francesco di Cesar, president of Answers Turismo, in opening of the fourth edition of Adriatic Sea Forum - cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, appointment devised and organized from the company this year in partnership with the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale.

Besides to trace a consuntivo picture of the impact of the activity of the fleeting ships on the economy of the region, the relationship formula also forecasts for 2019 estimating that this year will be recorded the historical record of crocieristi enlivened in the area with a total of 5,52 million passengers between embarks, disembarks and transits in the ports of the Adriatic, in increase of +7.3% regarding 2018. Also for touched the ship the forecasts of Answers Tourism show a waited for increase of +7.2%, for a total of 3.307. Such forecasts are yield of the projection carried out from the society on the esteem of 23 crocieristici ports of the Adriatic, ports of call that in the 2018 have represented altogether 99.7% of the touched total fleeting enlivened and 99.3% of the ship.

In particular, the year in course it would have to be shut solid with Venice to the first place with 1,56 million crocieristi enlivened (stable regarding 2018) and 502 touched ship (stable regarding last year), followed by Corfù with 787 thousand crocieristi (+7.0%) and 416 touched ship (+0.7%) and Dubrovnik, with 745 thousand crocieristi (+1.8%) and 475 touched ship (+8.4%).

Regarding the crocieristico traffic for Country, the data to consuntivo of the 2018 confirm the leadership of Italy with 2,42 million passengers enlivened (+12.0% on 2017, 46.9% of the total in the adriatic area). On the other steps of the podium Croatia with 1,3 million enlivened passengers (25.2% of the total), leader but in the number of touched ship (1,180, 37.7% of the total) and Greece with 737 thousand fleeting enlivened.

The relationship evidences moreover that the greater increase on 2017 is that of Slovenia, in classifies thanks to the numbers of the port of Koper (101 thousand enlivened passengers, +40.5%), while the greater contraction has been that of Albania (- 19.1%), dragged downward from the reduction of the crocieristico traffic in the port of Saranda (78,2 thousand enlivened passengers, -23,2%).

Relatively to handling fleeting on ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans, the report of Answers Tourism previews that 2019 would have to be shut with light an ulterior increase regarding the positive results recorded in 2018 (19,74 million passengers enlivened, +2.4% on 2017), the best one of last the ten years.

In particular, between the examined ports, positive forecasts 2019 for Zara (2,43 million passengers enlivened, + 1.2%), Durres (875 thousand, +2.6%), Dubrovnik (575 thousand, +3.0%), Sibenik (300 thousand, +3.0%), Rijeka (150 thousand, 16.0%), Pula (12 thousand, +2.2% on coastal routes and stable on the international routes). Stable, instead, handling fleeting previewed to year-end in the ports of Ancona, Saranda, Porec, Trieste, Rovinj, Pesaro and Umago/Novigrad.

The specific publication moreover that from the fleeting analysis of handling via ferries/hydrofoils and catamarans recorded in 2018, also without to consider all the internal routes Croatia confirmation to the first place between the Countries of the adriatic area (9,56 million passengers enlivened, + 0.7% on 2017, pairs to 48.4% of the total in the area), continuation from Greece (5,39 million, +7.0% on 2017, pairs to 27.3% of the total) and from Italy (3,29 million, +1.8% on 2017, pairs to 16.7% of the total).

The report realized from Answers Tourism contains also this year a deepening on the nautical section in the seven Countries that appear on the Adriatic. Continuing the job of investigation begun in 2013 with the first edition of the report, the mapping confirmation the results of the survey carried out in 2017, with 332 play hooky little more operating for total than 75 thousand you mail boat. Between the nations that appear on the Adriatic, Italy confirmation the own strong leadership in the area with 186 plays hooky (56% of the total) and beyond 49 thousand you mail boat (65.6% of the total). To follow Croatia (125 it plays hooky and beyond 17.400 places boat) and the couple Slovenia - Montenegro, with eight plays hooky and, respective, little more than 3.100 and 2.800 places boat.

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