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June 4, 2019

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The REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Latium invites the Antitrust to recalculate the inflicted endorsement to Moby and CIN for abuse of dominant position

"Justice is made", it declares Honored that accusation who various interprets the pronunciamento of the Court of lacked reading the sentence

With sentence 22nd May, published today, the Regional administrative court for the Latium, than a year it makes had decided the suspension of the application of the fine of 29,2 million euros inflicted 2018 from the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and Market (AGCM) regarding the company of Moby navigation and of the Italian Company of Navigation (CIN) of the group Honored Shipping for misused dominant position(on 23 March and 5 July 2018), it has received the resource proposed by Moby and CIN against the AGCM and regarding Grimaldi Euromed, Logistic New Lucianu and Grendi Marine Transports and has established the cancellation partially of the provision appealled for the single measure of the irrogata endorsement, sending back to the AGCM for the new quantification of the endorsement in the light of a series indications formulated from the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT.

Honored Shipping it has received the sentence emphasizing - at least to judge from the title of the official notice diffused from the group - that "cancels the fine". In the text of the note specific that "the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT, evidencing itself a total superficiality of the inquiry lead from the AGCM - inammissibilmente aligned, without to have executed the verifications of the case - on the positions of the recurrent groups let alone of Grimaldi, has cancelled the endorsement and has ordered to the AGCM to reformulate own provision from the judgment respecting the directives taxes to the Authority".

Supporting that "justice is made", the shipowner Vincenzo Onorato it has launch heavy accusations to the AGCM declaring that the investigation of the authority "is conditioned heavy by the pressures and the requests of one of the parts that had addressed to the AGCM, that is that Grimaldi group - has allegated Honored - of which just in the judgment of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT is evidenced politics of put into effect dumping goods in foreign market in order to conquer market shares to the damages of the companies CIN and Moby".

Honored if it is taken it also with the HANDLE asserting that "the official notice of the news agency diffused in merit does not deserve comments" that - for the shipowner - would be "completely distorsivo of the content of the decision of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT, evidently - it has asserted Honored - also it yields of pressures and the lacked reading the sentence".

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