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June 5, 2019

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Agreements to Monk between the AdSP of the Western Liguria and the port of Shenzhen and between the port of Trieste and the Luxemburgian Railroads

Initiatives and presentations of the harbour communities of Genoa and Savona I go. Contship Italy celebrates the 50 years

In occasion of the mission in Bavaria of the Ports of Genoa Community in order to participate to the fair Transport Logistic di Monaco, today has been undersigned a Sister Agreement between the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, in representation of the ports of Genoa and Savona I go, and the port of Shenzen, understanding that is formalized by the president of the Italian harbour agency, Paolo Emilio Signorini, and by Lou Heru, assistant general manager of the Transport Bureau of the Municipality of Shenzen, to the presence of Alessandro Pitto (president of Spediporto), Alberto Banchero (president of Assagenti), Gerardo Ghiliotto (president of the Union Utenti of the Port of Savona I go) and David Van Eynde (General Manager of PSA Genoa Pra') with accredits Chineses.

While this morning in the course of the German exhibition event, near the stand of Ports of Genoa jib has held the organized international seminary from CISCO (Centro Internazionale Studi Containers), with the general secretary Giordano Bruno Guerrini to stimulate an argument between Douglas Owen, general secretary of bic (Bureau International DES Containers ET du Transport Intermodal), Christian Roeloffsm, CEO of Container xChange, Alessandro Pitto, president of Spediporto, and Luca Abatello, CEO of Circle, on the contribution that information the technology can supply in order to improve the efficiency of the supply chain total.

In the afternoon the event, organized from Spediporto, the title "The challenges of Ligurian Ports between IT, Big Data and Alliances". Alessandro Pitto, Alessandro Laghezza and Alessandra Orsero have illustrated the challenges that the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Savona I go must face in order to compete in the total market and the solutions proposed from from Liguria ports of call for at the market European service.

Moreover, in occasion of the participation to the Transport Logistic, PSA Genoa Pra', the new denomination assumed from the container is introduced terminal place to the end West of the port of Genoa. The terminalista society has illustrated also a directed railway service, entirely managed from PSA, that it connects the harbour basin of Pra' and Basel (Switzerland). Draft of the first direct connection (12 hours of transit Time from Genoa to Basel), begun last October, that it affords to the operators of Centro Europa to approach the range of services offered from Port of Genoa Pra'.

Always today, in the context of the fair, Zeno D' Augustin, president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale, and Fraenz Benoy, director of CFL Multimodal, society controlled from CFL (Luxemburgian Railroads), have signed an understanding memorandum that has the objective to consolidate the exchanges between the port of Trieste and the Luxemburgian logistic pole of Bettembourg, one of the greatest and modern European railway platforms, recognizing once again to the intermodalità a role key for the commercial, but above all sustainable development, of the respective logistic systems. With this agreement CFL it heads to consolidate the system of the intermodal services that constitute the ridge of connection between the port of Trieste and the markets of Central Europe, Reign Unito and Scandinavia through the gateway of Bettembourg, managed from the same CFL Multimodal.

Of Augustin it has ricorcato to have recently visited the terminal of Bettembourg and being "remained made an impression from the quality of the platform and the operating models also on the side of the technological innovation. To work together between partner that shares these priorities – it has emphasized - mean to head to define new standards of excellence to European level for the connections ship-railroad".

The strategic collaboration between the giuliana harbour authority and CFL has origin from a started intermodal connection in 2012. Draft of a destined service to the semitowings organized with three travels of round-trip to the week that join Trieste with Bettembourg-Dudelange. The service, than currently has reached nine circulations weeklies magazine, affords the shift modal of beyond 20.000 semitowings from the road to the railroad, contributing not only to the decongestion of one of the road nets more sold of Europe, but also to the reduction of gases greenhouse and the other emitted polluting substances in the atmosphere, with a remarkable saving of about 35.000 tons of co2.

The new agreement sets the objective to facilitate and to encourage ulteriorly, according to the concept of the "intermodal pipeline", the increase and the optimization of the railway connections along the Trieste-Bettembourg-Dudelange corridor. The fine ones are that to develop services characterized from quality and elevated reliabilities still more through I use it of processes standardized and dematerializzati of interchange given and to documentation and the development common commercial law actions on specific markets objective. To the computer science and commercial aspects of the agreement relative ones to the innovation of the produced one join those, that it will be favorite from I use it shared and more and more efficient of technologies adapted to the loading of the not gruabili semitowings. The agreement previews moreover synergies on the initiative "Belt and railway Road", since both the partner have already started contacts with the sichuan province and in particular with the area of Chengdu.

At last tonight beginning from hours 18,00, near the Contship/Eurogate stand to the German fair, will hold a party in order to celebrate the 50 years of Contship Italy, terminalista group pioneer of the containerizzazione that is founded in Switzerland in 1969 from the Italian entrepreneur Angelo Ravano. In occasion of the event, to which Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, president of Contship Italy, and Thomas Eckelmann will participate, chairman of Eurokai, the terminalista group will introduce the last developments of the business in Italy and Morocco, between which the projects of widening to La Spezia and Tangeri and the most recent initiatives to Ravenna.

Between the appointments to signal tomorrow for the day to the fair of Monk, in the morning Isomar, the Association of the Shippers and Shipping agents of Savona, will illustrate the offer multipurpose from the ports of call of Savona and Vado, having introduced the presentation of APM Terminals Vado Ligure that will introduce the new one Goes Gateway, terminal container for the large ones portacontainer that it will begin to operate in the next December.

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