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22 September 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:01 GMT+2

June 6, 2019

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It is a fake news to support that the results of the study of T&E on the emissions of the cruise ships are fake news

Manifest CLIA disappointment because the analysis is realized without some I confront with the crocieristica industry

On various magazines that take care of tourism and travels the polluting news bounces here and there emitted that the study on the atmospheric ones from the cruise ships, that enviromentalist not governmental Transport & Environment is introduced by the organization(on 5 June 2019), it would be real "a fake news". It is a study of which our newspaper it has given to account reserving wide space to the contents and to the conclusions of the publication, chosen that for a daily paper that takes care pre-eminent of shipping is judged by some "brave", more suitable adjective evidently considered to express what in reality the interlocutors thought ("commit suicide"). As if who takes care primariamente of an activity field she did not have (or she wanted) to listen to dissonant voices.

So much more than, on the base also of a recent study (November 2018) on the produced polluting emissions from the transports of the European Environment Agency (EEA), than is not sure an organization radical enviromentalist, the data introduced from Transport & Environment, to beyond the used tones in order emphasizing them, information not answering to true the diffuse would seem anything but artatamente in order to create disinformation. Enough to give a glance also to a diagram elaborated from the EEA, that we bring back below, in order to only become account that those disclosed by T&E are not fake news, case never legitimately arguable outcomes (above all when the within is narrow to the single field of the cruises).

To bring back the topic on the plan of a more profitable more useful argument and than I confront has been international the crocieristica organization Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), that it represents the main world-wide crocieristiche companies included those mentioned by the T&E study. Without to foolishly reject prioristically and the conclusions of the study, the association has more realistically and wisely evidenced the steps that the field is undeniably completing towards an always greater environmental sustainability of the crocieristica activity, but has ahead not lacked to move motivated reliefs to the analysis of Transport & Environment, beginning from the dispute to have realized the study without some I confront with the crocieristica industry.

CLIA has remembered that, although that of the cruises represents only less of 1% of the entire field of the shipping, the association and its associates are engaged towards a future to emissions zero and are completing every day progresses towards this objective, "but - it has sincerely admitted - it will want us of the time".

CLIA has listed to the various measures and initiatives that the crocieristica industry is adopting in order to ulteriorly reduce the emissions of the ships, between which the resource to the technologies of cleansing of drainage gases and I use it of the which liquified natural gas as fuel, with percentages of employment of systems of control of the emissions by the fleets of cruise ships that - it has evidenced the association - "do not have rivals in some other field of the shipping and that - has recriminated the CLIA - totally they are not appreciated in the T&E analysis".

CLIA has instead agreed with Transport & Environment in the demand to introduce measures in order to always place conditions of parity between the coming electricity from the terrestrial net that is supplied in dock to the ships and used fossil fuel on board of the ships, for example with a transitory exception from the tax on the electricity, to the aim to favor the use of the electric power on the ships, that this energy comes from efficient sources clean and.

Beyond but rebuking the pre-emptive lacked one I confront with the crocieristica industry before the presentation of the study, than CLIA it has defined to be "an internal analysis", the association has manifested worry also because the results are published "without some appraisal of academic type or review inter pares". "It classifies it - it has emphasized still the CLIA referring to the crocieristiche companies and the ports mentioned from the study - is based exclusively on hypothesis and on measurements and it does not hold account of the eventual one I use on the ships of technologies for the discouragement of the emissions. Also the used methodology in order to quantify the results - the association has protested - is not come to an agreement to a scientifically valid procedure".

Between the choice to reject the analysis briefly declaring it completely groundless, CLIA has favorite to choose the road of confronts, complaining that this not has been before to reach the publication of the study. It is a conflicting one that to tell the truth much very rarely verification when they are at stake environmental topics, important issues that it is however arrogating to banally characterize as fake news.

Bruno Bellio

PSA Genova Pra'

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