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June 10, 2019

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Survey of Propeller Club of Venice on the potentialities and criticality of the lagoon port

It is lead in occasion of the fair "transport logistic" of Monk

In the course of the exhibition event "transport logistic", than friday to Monk of Bavaria has been concluded, the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice has lead an interesting survey on the potentialities and the criticalities of the port of Venice and also on the issue of the landing place of the cruise ships in the lagoon port of call to light of the recent incident been necessary to the MSC Opera of company MSC Cruises that on 2 June the fluvial unit River Countess in the course of the operations of mooring to the terminal of San Basilio has hit.

"In the course of our encounters - president of Propeller Club of Venice has explained, Massimo Bernardo - we have found as the interest of the operating presents, engaged to discuss on the great topics of the intermodal transport world-wise, is addressed not sure to the single presence of the single port but to all the trasportistico system of which solo takes part, as very they have made the ports of the Liguria promuovendo own system and those of the Friuli Venice Julia with Trieste and Monfalcone together with the interporto of Pordenone, in order to cite of some. It has not been so, instead, for the port of Venice in whose stand camped the great bridge of Rialto, some photo of harbour operations for several fields of traffic and a luminescent standard with on written "Rialto Bar". Obvious therefore, for the many interviewed operators, to more connect the port to tourism than to its commercial and industrial function and, consequently, to the incident of the motor-ship Opera brought back in the first world-wide pages of the average".

In order to realize a cognitive investigation on the potentialities and criticality of the port of Venice Propeller has turned three questions to the operators consulted to the German fair, asking: 1) which is its perception with respect to the crocieristica on Venice also as a result of the happened nautical incident in recent days? 2) as container relatively sees the development of the commercial port of Venice to potentiality of its terminals, bulk, projet cargo according to the new broken commercial and of the BRI? 3) what would advise in order to ulteriorly develop the commercial traffics from and for Europe operated from the port of Venice?

Below a sunto of the answers obtained from Propeller.

SIMPLY CARGO - Hungary (logistic international)
  1. It is difficult that the cruises remain to Venice because of being too much dangerous for the city
  2. As the backdrops are not deep and the ships are more and more large not well
  3. To move the traffic a lot far from the city because Venice is perceived more which important tourist goal.
  1. It is not norm that a ship passes in basin of San Marco, is dangerous and creates pollution
  2. Trieste is near and is from preferring as port
  3. It would be necessary to make bonded areas, but to Trieste
  1. The dimension of the port could represent a problem
  2. If the traffics increased would be need of spaces to out of the city
  3. It is a known city for tourism and I would move the traffics elsewhere, considered that it has the low backdrops. Also in Brazil we have had a similar problem with a port and is decided to jump it because the work of dredging and construction of a new terminal is diseconomici
  1. Abroad the incident (in Thailand is not perceived in so serious way often happens)
  2. Venice is vocata to tourism and would be better was only dedicated to this
  3. Not there are adequate spaces for development of the commercial traffics on the territory of Venice
CDIRS (China)
  1. It does not believe that the great ships in "center city" go well
  2. Not interest to development of the traffics in south Europe as the large one of the traffics that they have is in the Europe North and its ports
  3. They would serve deeper backdrops
  1. Not great ships to Venice, are impossible
  2. They do not have interest to develop traffics on Venice
  3. For the moment they do not operate in Europe and they are a company of State
  1. The Terminal of Fusina is a modern terminal that offers many facilities, from can here leave smaller ships that carry the tourists to Venice
  2. The proposals could be three:
    1. large ships to Fusina and to create of the shuttle towards Venice
    2. to leave that in Channel of the Giudecca child's step only great ships
    3. to leave that in channel of the Giudecca single child's step local boats of small dimensions
  3. The Terminal of Fusina is the key of time of the system of the marine traffic of the port of Venice: it has high standards of quality and it offers "better facilities", reason for which would be opportune was expanded ulteriorly
  1. They do not know to express itself or they prefer not to make it o'clock crocieristica on Venice
  2. The strategic importance of Venice for the Grimaldi Group is confirmed. Venice is important for the trailer from Greece and the terminal of Fusina answers to the requirements of the shipowner.
  3. The punctuality is favorite to the saving is in terms of speed ship that of services to returned earth when the goods arrive. It is well to monitor these tempistiche in order to return a service appreciated the customers and to make the difference on the market.
  1. They do not carry out services cruise and therefore they are able to not to supply a reliable answer
  2. The port of Venice represents one unwinds fundamental for the traffics with Asia. It would be opportune to stimulate, also with coming financings from Far East, the development of new commercial channels and, above all, railway lines that allow to reach the Nordic countries in minor time regarding the port of call of the ports of the Northern Range
  3. The infrastructures are indispensable that in Italy, regarding central Europe, are still too much devoid
  1. The crocieristica to Venice is a lot important even if the city is very "delicate". It would be opportune to move the terminal outside from the historical center in order returning the transit of the great ships less dangerous
  2. As commercial port of call Venice is of insufficient interest for they, as they lean to the ports of Koper for the containers (that it works very well) and to Trieste for the bulk. Monfalcone comes favorite regarding the goods varied. For project the cargo the Croatian companies only choose Venice.
  3. It would be useful to stimulate with fiscal benefits the takeover of foreign multinationals in within Venetian earth: these could "divert" their traffics from other European ports to that of Venice
  1. Even if for they it is not of interest the tourist traffic, they consider that the great ships must continue to journey in the Channel of the Giudecca because it is an only attraction to the world and the crocieristi choose Venice own for the show of San Marco Square that is seen in departure and to the arrival
  2. Often they use the port of Venice for the traffic containers. They consider but that the spaces of the terminal containers are too much narrow. Regarding Trieste however (that it is tightened between the sea and mountains), Venice has more potentiality because new terminals in the zones of Marghera could be realized that are currently dismesse (and us of they are very many)
  3. The activities of the Harbour Authority of sponsorship effectively reach the German operators as they. The necessity is perceived to create a direct railway connection with Bavaria
  1. The traffic of the great ships is incompatible with a city as Venice. It is not polluting an historical city that would have to be only reached with "less impattanti" means and (as could be the train or, by sea, the ship-ferry LNG of contained dimensions and new construction that therefore are in possession of the scrubbers for the reduction of the polluting breakings in). There is however the knowledge that a reduction of the crocieristico traffic can bring damage to the economy of Venice and all the region.
  2. An improvement of the terminal is indispensable containers of the port of Venice, at least in order to approach it the concurrent ports in the Mediterranean (Pireo, Valencia and Algeciras) that they come currently favorite from Hamburg Süd. Various, Venice will not be competitive in the context of the BRI.
  3. you see point 2
  1. Nothing on the great ships because they carry out alone traffic ro-ro. However they consider that the great ships are too much polluting for Venice. The development of a crocieristico port more far away (Ravenna would be favorable) in order then to carry the tourists with ferries more little ones
  2. The Terminal of Fusina takes advantage of a lot that would go upgraded ulteriorly, above all regarding the backdrops and the equipments and the spaces to earth (sees large squares for storage car)
  3. They serve adequate infrastructures. They do not consider conceivable that there are still freeways to two lanes where there are always work
  1. The incident of the MSC Opera has had great media prominence in Holland. Venice is perceived as a fragile city, than it is able to not to put up with so high a crocieristico traffic. The comparison with city as Barcelona and Valencia comes fact, than but they are metropolis and not city of mean-small dimensions as Venice
  2. The Terminal of Fusina is one unwinds important for they (associates Anek Lines). The terminals, but the services would be from improving not a lot that join Venice to the Terminal of Fusina
  3. Regarding they, Venice = tourism. All this that is able to develop tourism is consequently in a position to bringing benefits also to the other fields, as that commercial and industrial one
  1. They carry out service ro-ro in the Sea of the North. The crocieristica to Venice creates pollution problems. The ships, also modern, have an environmental impact much fort on the historical city. They are aspects that in the Nordic countries are considered priority and that they would have to be held in consideration also from the Harbour Authority
  2. They are not expressed as they do not carry out commercial services of type
  3. same as above

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