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June 11, 2019

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American acknowledgment to Italian Guard Costiera in the field of safety of navigation

It is between the 27 eligible administrations for the attribution of the "Qualship21 and E-Zero Programs"

In three years 2016-2018, on a total of 217 ships of Italian flag inspected by US Coast Guard, solo two unit have turned out not consistent to the enforced norm enduring provisions of "firm ship". A meager percentage that confirmation the respect of the rigorous standards of safety and a formation more and more characterized of the crews and that confirmation the deepened activity of inspection and certification of the national ship that is carried out by the specialistic inspectors of the Body of the Harbour offices - Guard Costiera.

Italian Alla Guardia Costiera in fact is confirmed the high level of international excellence in the field of safety of included navigation having been, world-wise, between the 27 eligible administrations for the attribution of the acknowledgment "Qualship21 and E-Zero which released Programs" from American Guard Costiera with reference to the implementation of the norms in topic of safety of navigation and environmental protection.

Such important result is announced in the report Port anniversary Is been Control in the United States, not for long published, in which to relative statistics and results to the activity lead from US Coast Guard in year 2018 are described. Inside of the report a section dedicated to the program of acknowledgment Qualship21 and E-Zero Programs is present that rewards the flag administrations that they have achieved, in the last three years, results of excellence in occasion of the lead safety inspections from US Coast Guard on the mercantile ships that arrive in the ports Americans.

The acknowledgment achieved for period 2016-2017 from Italian Guard Costiera will afford to the shipowners directed in the American ports to demand, for their ships, the Qualship21 attestation (quality shipping for 21st century), having use of so of a facilitated regime of inspection.

Moreover the activity of Flag Is Control, of inspection and certification of the Italian ships, carried out from Italian Guard Costiera has afforded to the Italian flag of being in white list of all the stipulated international agreements in matter of safety of navigation, while the inspecting activity of Port Is been Control lead on the foreign ship that reaches in the Italian ports has contributed to reach and wide to exceed the threshold of the Fair Share (number of inspections to execute in the year of reference) assigned from the norms of the European Union. Thanks to such engagement, Italy has reached according to place between the Countries that have mainly contributed to the attainment of the committment for year 2018 inside of the Memorandum of Paris.

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