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23 October 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:45 GMT+2

June 18, 2019

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In the 2018 exports from the Liguria towards China they have recorded a collapse of -40%

The From Liguria Association Foreign trade will move own center in Confindustria

In the 2018 Liguria it quickly has a contraction of the exports pairs to 6.7%, worse the performance on a national level. The data is announced today by the From Liguria Association Foreign trade (AUKS) that it has held the own 74th assembly anniversary near Ducal palace to Genoa. The association has specified that, on 20 regions in Italy, that from Liguria one is placed from three years to the 14th rank with a quota on the total of export the pairs to 1.6%, far from the other regions of the Italy North that constitute the locomotive of the export national, as Lombardy (27.7%), Emilia Romagna (13.8%), Veneto (13.8%), but also of regions that by extension territorial and economic structure are similar the Liguria more, as the Friuli Venice Julia (3.4%, seventh), Marche (2.6%, the eighth) or Abruzzi (1.9%, 12th).

Moreover, relatively to the interchange volumes, the AUKS have evidenced that the Liguria, although in pole position for the projects of the Way of the marine Silk in the Mediterranean Sea, in 2018 has recorded a collapse of the exports towards China (- 40% to 275 million euros), than today represent 3.7% of export the regional total, dominated instead from France (+15.5%, 963 million, 12.8% of the total), from the United States (- 13.2%, 762 million, 10.2%) and from Germany (- 6.6%, 654 million, 8.7%).

The association has listed some reasons for which the Liguria it is hardly able to count more. On this situation - it has explained the AUKS - they weigh sure of the exogenous and difficultly controlable factors: on its small territory, fort - it has found the association - has been the impact of the tragedy of the Bridge Morandi, the collapsed highway viaduct last August in the capital of Liguria. Moreover - second the AUKS - for its history and geographic position the Liguria more is exposed than other Italian regions to the tensions that are crossing Europe - from the absence of coordination to level EU own on the topic of the Way of the Silk, to the national and international inability to manage the migratory phenomena, to the impact negative of the technology on the occupation not specialized.

The association has evidenced that, however, factors exist also on which politics. but above all the economic world, can act in a hurry. For politics, the president of AUKS, Riccardo Braggio, has suggested to undertake a method for how much possible one of pianificatorio type of the regional economy, trying to exceed the emergenziale approach or of saltuarietà that up to here has characterized the management of the territory - than is reflected on still a little infrastructured tormented city landscape and. But in order to return possible this - he has specified Braggio - it is necessary that also the world of the economic associazionismo exceeds own barriers: "the specialized associations - it has observed - take care of segments many little ones of the world of work. They do not have a large rappresentatività naturally, but often they succeed in being more incisive because they take part on specific issues and in fast times. Their side weak person - but it has emphasized Braggio - is the insufficient impact towards the institutions. To know to interpret the changes in existence means necessarily to understand that this type of organizations does not work more, means to know some to see the limits and the advantages in order to construct new more efficient and at the same time more representative models. All the associations - Braggio has asserted - must return to dedicate the resources in order to upgrade own centers of excellence in order to make the interests of own associates: this is exactly the distance that Auks it has begun with Genoa Confindustria".

The From Liguria Association Foreign trade in fact has started a distance common of integration, that it will carry the AUKS to move own center in Confindustria in logic to integrate in more and more complete way the collaboration between the two associations, in order to create - it has concluded Braggio - "a new point of reference for our associates: larger, more efficient and more cetralized on their necessities. As we have said in more occasions, in a world that it changes quickly, to know to recognize the trend of the change becomes strategic overly".

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