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18 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:40 GMT+2

June 18, 2019

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The Agency Customs and Monopolies announces a new project for the complete digitalisation of the customs procedures in the Italian ports

Sarà Bari the first Italian port to experience the new special project

Today to Rome, in the course of a convention, the Agency Customs and Monopolies have introduced a new project face to the complete digitalisation of the customs procedures in the Italian ports, project that - it has emphasized the Agency - real revolution that it promises, thanks to the use of advanced technologies represents, to simplify the life to the enterprises and to the same administration, creating so the premises in order to attract put up commercial traffics in the Italian ports.

Specifying that the full involvement also of the interested private actors to the harbour procedures is previewed afterwards, through their organisms and trade associations, the director of the Agency Customs and Monopolies, Benedetto Mineo, has explained that "the objective is to arrive without interruption to a logistic chain in which, for example, goods cleared in sea, journeys quickly in the port thanks to the gate one automation, in order to address therefore to long destination a fast corridor. This - it has emphasized - would allow to free the harbour areas quickly, often congested. Regarding the customs operations - it has added Mineo - the project aimed to optimize multimodale handling of the goods to the aim to increase the competitiveness of the harbour system in the transeuropea net and to attract running new of traffic".

"The great operators of the logistics and the transports that act on a global scale - have continued Mineo - greater homogeneity in the processes asks us for the various ports. Different processes and praxes for operators involve in fact diseconomie also and the entrepreneurs of the field. With our project we want own to arrive to a greater standardization of the customs processes, reingegnerizzandoli, returning them simpler and homogenous on the territory. The solution which set up from the Agency has the advantage of being open to the dialogue with any currently used informative system from the Harbour Authorities and values the synergies between all the involved actors".

Sarà Bari the first Italian port to experience the new special project for the digitalisation of the customs procedures, model that will come then extended on a national scale. The special project on a national level will be lead in connection with the Agency for Digital Italy in the within of the national strategies for the digital transformation of the public sector and the Country, previewed in the Triennial Plan for computer science 2019-2021, and it will articulate itself in more phases. The first phase will regard the definition of the generalized model of interoperability for the exchange given between the customs and harbour systems on the base of the system in realization to Bari.

The port of Bari, in fact, is assumed for example of best practice for via of the excellent results found from the project pilot developed in the within of national the operating Program Infrastructures and Nets 2014-2020 that, in the optical of the technologies 4,0 (Internet of things - IoT, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, etc), preview the complete digitalisation of the procedures of boarding and disembarkation, exited income and from the harbour nodes (Gate automation), of the control on the logistic process of storage and control goods and of the payment of the anchor duties and of those harbour ones

The president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Meridionale, Ugo Patroni Griffi, has remembered that - in the 2018 agency he had already carried the high speed in the port of Bari, that he allows more deepened environmental monitoring, greater effectiveness in the public safety, improvement in the performances of tourist attraction, let alone greater precision in the security controls. "Moreover - it has specified - already advanced technological equipments, above all in the field of the security, of which they arrange the five ports of the system, recently they are implemented by project ISMAEL (Integrated SysteM for the Assessment of Environmental impacts in transport Logistics). Draft of an innovative software that allows to under investigation carry out predictive analyses on the total level of emissions in the areas, allowing with the main actors, through I use it of a DSS (Decision Support System), the Internet of Things and the big date, the effective programming of cargo handling, the prevention of the risks deriving from the congestion of the traffic, the total reduction of the rinveniente environmental impact from the activities (for example carbon footprint, powders, cancellations, etc). We have put on of the Agency of Customs and of all the main actors of this project - it has concluded Patrons Griffi - our know-how-how to the aim of efficientare considerably transit the Time of the goods in the ports and in unwinds logistic".

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Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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