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June 19, 2019

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Appeal of Propeller Club of Venice in order to allow with the lagoon port to put into effect its indispensable development

Bernardo: we are all on the same boat, in order not to look for the shipwreck but for giving a concrete contribution to the future of our port and the blue economy

Propeller Club of Venice has launch an appeal to local authorities, trade associations and to the entrepreneurial world and of the job generally for - it has explained the cultural association that reunites operators of the fields of the transport - "tackling common, abandoning sterile controversies and self-referential attitudes, in order to create, instead, that indispensable critical mass of shared consents that it allows with the port of Venice to put into effect its indispensable development in the requalification and valorization of its great areas today available and to its 16,000 assigned the certainty of own place of work".

The decision to turn this appeal is assumed by the directive council of Propeller met Club in order to analyze the recent declarations of the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Danilo Toninelli, and of that of Arts, Alberto Bonisoli, on the problem of the great ships to Venice let alone how much is emerged by the cognitive investigation on the increase possibilities or on the eventual decline of the lagoon portualità that is realized in recent days by a characterized representation of Propeller Club to the exhibition event Transport Logistic di Monaco of Bavaria(on 10 June 2019).

The appeal reaches also as a result of the most recent restrictive decree of the Harbour office of Venice for the passage of the great ships and its repercussions on the harbour activity and the decisions of the navigation companies.

"Also in the respect of single, the various ones, multiple aimed contributions to the safeguard of the atmosphere, safety of navigation inside of the lagoon, etc. etc. - president of Propeller Club, Massimo Bernardo has said, illustrating the motivations of the initiative - he must be however stopped with force the wave of who he wants to feed the crash rather than to facilitate the serene one I confront between the many actors of the cluster. We are - it has emphasized Bernardo - all on the same boat - entrepreneurs, workers public bodies and trade associations - not certainly in order to look for the shipwreck, but for more in general terms giving a concrete contribution to the future of our port and to the blue economy. If from the cognitive investigation, firstly, it emerges how much anchor little is known relatively to the great potentialities of our ports of call - it has concluded president of Propeller Club of Venice - appears instead obvious as for our Lagunari ports it is urgent to propose itself to the international markets to systemic level with airports, to interpose you and great infrastructures".

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