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14 October 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:11 GMT+2

June 19, 2019

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To the unions confirmation via pec has arrived of the start of the procedure of lay-off of the workers of the CICT

Deiana restates that, contrarily to how much some assert, the port of Cagliari is opened to the traffics and perfectly operating in all its fields

While today the unions have had confirmation through a letter forwarded via e-mail certifyd of the start of the procedure of lay-off of the 210 workers of the Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT), the society that manages the container terminal to the Port Channel of Cagliari, communication that has induced the labor organizations to tomorrow call in order beginning from 11,00 hours a great mobilization under the palace of the regional council, the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia, Massimo Deiana, is trying to convince all that "the Port Channel is not closed", emphasizing that "who supports the contrary mystifies the truth dangerously and it damages the commercial reputation of the port of call of Cagliari to international level".

In it remarries to the declarations of some political exponents, Deiana has restated that, "contrarily to how much some assert, Cagliari is opened to the traffics and perfectly operating in all its fields: ro-ro, bulk, passengers, cruises, semitowings and car. Regarding the container - it has clarified the president of the AdSP - although the recent announcement of a terminalista important to close its activity and to fire own staff, I confirm once again that the port of call is and remains however in a position to receiving and sending container through other operators who are making themselves loaded with the traffic".

"What Cagliari and the entire Sardinia are crossing - has continued Deiana - are a very delicate moment of transition. To alarm the markets with groundless news, that they are reverberated to total level on the Internet, risks to move away our interlocutors and to discourage those potential investor who could guarantee new vital lymph to the port of call with the activation of traffics and store clerks. The credibility of the port is on stack and of the entire harbour community that, creed is under observation of all, does not have never advanced hypothesis of interruption of the job, but, indeed, it is fighting with great sense of responsibility in order to conserve the traffics. Launch irresponsible words to the wind, today, damages all they".

As for the official communication to the unions of the start of the procedure of lay-off for the workers of the terminalista society, the regional secretary of Fit Cisl, Corrado Pani, has specified that a reversal of march by the assembly of the associates CICT was wished "that had to be the only possibility in order to give again hope to a port channel at this point which exhausted also in the light of how much express from the Board of Directors in the last encounter 7th june. In reality - it has found Breads - we assisted unarmed to a seriously sick port, in resuscitation, convinced more than ever that it could make them it and be to set upright again. Instead they have intentional to remove the plug at all costs and to make it to die, in spite of the promises and the engagements taken in the two meet had the Ministry of Transportation in which it seemed were all the conditions in order to safeguard the occupational levels and to redesign its I throw again with important provisions to long mean term. It is - the representative of Fit Cisl has denounced - the umpteenth cold shower, but we will not stop ourselves here to prescind from how much declaring from the assembly of the associates. Competent Sardinia region and Ministries assume their responsibilities now demonstrating more than ever a engagement hard to protection of all the workers although in all this time it has not been made nothing remaining silenti and impassible. 300 families cannot themselves be sent on the road without to have before persecuted solutions possible alternatives and to the lay-off. Cagliari and its territory cannot afford and it does not deserve a end of this type".

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