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18 October 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:20 GMT+2

June 19, 2019

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Confitarma, the obstacles that stop the Italian fleet are partially superable with a drastic simplification of the bureaucracy

Mattioli: an area ECA in the Mediterranean could be taken in consideration after to only have estimated the benefits deriving from the implementation of Sulphur CAP 2020

"To defend and to strengthen the competitiveness of continuous the Italian fleet to being the priority of Confitarma", it has emphasized it the Shipping president of the Italian Confederation, Mario Mattioli, in its relation to the private session of the assembly of the Confitarma held today to Rome. Mattioli has specified that, in such sense the Confederation "still today considers the International Registry the pillar of effective marine politics and expansive, than in twenty years it has carried to the increase of our marineria having given back them the competitiveness in the international traffics and foreign coasting trade where the Italian and communitarian occupation, in the same period, is increased of 140%".

If in the period the 1998-2018 consistency of the fleet of Italian flag in terms of tons of tonnage has grown of +78% going up from 8,7 million to 15,5 million tsl, from the peak of 19,1 million tsl the trend he is invert and by that year until the 2018 tonnage of the Italian fleet it is diminished of -19%. "In spite of the reduction of the fleet of Italian flag - but it has emphasized Mattioli - we still succeed to confront to us with other navy that do not have to get to terms with burdens, constraints and bureaucracy all Italians".

The president of Confitarma has observed that "the obstacles that stop the Italian fleet, at least partially they are superable through a drastic simplification of norms and bureaucratic procedures. We have reconstituted to the Committee Rules and Competitiveness - Mattioli has remembered - own for above all giving a new impulse to this action through the foundation of a tightened dialogue more with the institutions to the project of modernization of the rules. Moreover - it has added - as I have had a chance for assert recently, I consider that the topic of sburocratizzazione until now is faced by the marine cluster in way not coordinated with many proposals, almost all condivisibili but often characterized by an individualism that unavoidably stretches to devaluate the common interest". Mattioli, that he is also president of the Federation of the Sea, organization that represents the Italian marine cluster, has found that to such purpose own the Federation of the Sea could be the center in order to receive "all which are available to share the objectives in order to formulate finally proposed that truly they can give back force to the Italian marine cluster".

Mattioli has stopped also on the recent French proposals for a possible institution of a ECA (Emission Controll Area) in the Mediterranean, in which to apply severeer limits to the emissions of the ships. The president of Confitarma has specified that the Confederation considers that the more opportune center in order to discuss such Maritime initiatives must be the International Organization (IMO). Moreover - he has evidenced - currently the shipping world-wide he is engaging himself in a effort unprecedented in order to respect the new limits of the content of the sulfur tenor in the marine fuel that they give on January 1°, 2020 will be reduced very seven times passing from 3.5% to 0.5%. A ECA in the Mediterranean - it has observed - could be taken in consideration after to only have estimated the benefits deriving from the implementation of Sulphur CAP 2020.

In the today's reunion the assembly of Confitarma has approved of the budget and the relation anniversary on year 2018 and has proceeded also to renews for four-year term 2019-2022 of the College of the Probiviri and that of the Revisers, let alone of the president of this last one. From the election to secret scrutiny they have turned out elected, for the College of the Revisers, Bernardo Cirillo (president), Roberto Coccia, Carlo Lomartire and Pia Queirolo (it supply), and, for the College of the Probiviri, Giorgio Berlingieri, Alfonso Magliulo, Dario Scannapieco, Corrado Medina (it supply) and Francesco Serao (it supply).

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