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June 24, 2019

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Italy Ours exhorts the Unesco to enroll Venice and the Lagoon between the sites to risk

The association enviromentalist denunciation the lack of a project on the city

Italy Ours exhorts the Unesco to enroll Venice and the Lagoon between the sites to risk and, in sight of 43the session anniversary of the World Heritage on 30 June on 10 July next Committee that will hold to Baku from in order deliberating also on Venice, the association enviromentalist has introduced of the observations in order to emphasize the omissions that Italy Ours considers is contained in the relationships introduced from the Municipality of Venice, but above all - it has specified the association - in order to evidence the lack of a project on the city.

Remembering the incident been necessary 2nd june in the Channel of the Giudecca between cruise ship MSC Opera and the fluvial boat River Countess(on 3 June 2019), the association has specified that the Draft Decision 43.COM/7B, the rough draft prepared for the session that will hold in Azerbaijan, relatively to the transit of the great ships in the Lagoon of Venice, "receives favorably the alternative distance for the croceristiche ships to Marghera, without knowing - it has emphasized the association - than "the Marghera option" is cancelled by the current government because impossible to come true (for reasons of safety, confrontation with the commercial portualità and, not last, of conservation of the Lagoon). It receives the project (cancelled favorably) because it would have prevented the passage of the croceristiche ships in the Basin of San Marco and the Channel of the Giudecca, not reminding that in the decisions pregresse, beginning from Doha (Decision 38 COM 7B.27, Recommendation not. 7), the WHC "urges the It are Party to prohibit the largest ships and tankers to enter the Lagoon"".

"All the Lagoon, therefore and not only the Basin of San Marco - Ours has found Italy - is from protecting the same Unesco second. The Draft Decision 43.COM/7B - it has evidenced the association - shows therefore to ignore that the artificial channels of the great navigation (which the Malamocco-Marghera Channel and the Vittorio Emanuele Channel) and the traffic that carries out itself to you induces erosion. Numerous scientific studies - Ours has still denounced Italy - inform without error possibility that to maintain the ships of great tonnage in Lagoon it means to condemn to the disappearance its morphology, survivor for 6000 years. And the Unesco to consider the protection of shoals had been own (sales marshes) of the important Lagoon to the pairs of the protection of palaces and churches of the city, in its V "Criterion" of registration of the site: "In this coherent ecosystem where the muddy shelves (alternately above and below toilets level) are as important as the islands, batteries-dwellings, fishing villages and rice-fields need to be protected not less than the palaces and churches"".

Italy Ours has observed that "the umpteenth delay that the WHC gets ready to grant with the Draft Decision 43.COM/7B appears incautious in front of the dramatic situation of the site. We consider - it has explained the association - than to the base of such resolution is first of all a information lack on the real situation, that it allows to in practice estimate the answers supplied from the State and the Municipality of Venice".

For Italy Ours, "is not more the moment of the delays, granted more and many times over, but from the responsible decision, the taken one of aware position also is suffered. That - second the association enviromentalist - it imposes of necessity a second thought and a change of route".

"The registration in the list of the sites in danger - Ours has concluded Italy - could be the first step towards the ransom, to the aim to obtain tightening a protection more".

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