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June 26, 2019

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Approved of functional adaptations technical of the Portuale Town development plan of Livorno

The producing are relative to the development of traffics of forest, the rotabili and the cars and to multipurpose other asset

Yesterday the Committee of management of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has approved of in definitive way three proposals of functional technical adaptation of the Portuale Town development plan of the port of Livorno. The first interests the areas industrial of Livorno, to north of the city center and contiguous to the port, where until 2015 the heat power plant Marzocco operated. This zone, represented in the PRP in its original function of "Energetic Industry", it will be used for the forest produced ones. In occasion of the reunion of the Committee of management the AdSP has remembered to have open confronts with ENEL in order to promote an initiative of public-private partnership for accommodation of these areas and the realization of a new one I approach in correspondence of the former-Enel area that affords the regression of the current thread of dock, widening in this way the evolution mirror (whose beam will pass from current the 170 to 200 meters). The scope is that to succeed in to accommodate ships break-bulk until 300 meters of length, widening the existing spaces of maneuver for the evolutions. This participation would afford moreover of delocalizzare handling of the forest produced ones from the today destined Alto Fondale Descent is to the cellulose traffic is to that of the passengers.

The second proposal approved of from the Committee of management regards the functional characterization of the areas where until the 2016 Trinseo plant it produced lactic synthetic. As a result of the cessation of the activity by the American group, the AdSP has assumed of being able to use the surface, that it piles to 113.860 square metres, for storage of cargos ro-ro and new cars. In before beaten the agency it has tried to acquire the areas, that they are private, then, in front of the refusal of the society, has started the affixing of the which foreordained tie on the expropriation second the law procedures. The AdSP has managed a preliminary project for the recovery of the area that accommodation to large square of the entire zone with the exception of the recovery of some existing systems (antifire and treatment previews waters) and of manufactured little ones to use offices/acceptance. The preliminary project previews also the option to construct to a silo car, in order to increase storage capability of the vehicles. The harbour authority has specified that the expropriation procedure will ahead go to prescind from the outcome of the still hanging litigation on that area between the AdSP and the Sintermar society, than with the Trinseo had a preliminary agreement of sale, and on whose areas had obtained the faculty to enliven and to stoccare new cars, however in absence of a modification funzional of the PRP that changed the destination of use of those zones from "manufacturer" to "multipurpose".

The third proposal of adaptation of the PRP regards an area of 4.500 square metres between the Inghirami Dock and the Tuscany Dock. The zone is lacking in pre-existences being today used after large square and the circulation of street means. In order better to integrate the existing and adjacent functions it has been considered more opportune to riperimetrare this area with the multipurpose function to area.

In the reunion yesterday instead it is sent back, for necessary deepenings asked from the Organism of partnership, the examination of the Implementing Plan of Detail on which the Committee of management it would have had to release an opinion of conformity to the PRP.

At last the Committee of management has examined and approved of it is the update of the Plan of introduced Financial Enterprise that the Economic plan from 15 the Lorenzini society respective on 24 December of 2018 and February of 2019. With the green light to the industrial plan, the executive organ of Rosciano Palace, taking note that during the last few years the terminalista, than work for a long time in an area of the east side of the Tuscany Dock, it has made to record an increment of the containerized trade that has become important regarding that of handling and several storage of the goods that also remains strategic, has however tax the respect of some finalized conditions to guarantee the realization of the Europe Platform, that it represents the fundamental public interest for the development of the port of Livorno in relation also to the dimensions of the new ships. In particular, the society will have to be engaged to introduce, within sixty days from the date of publication of the ban of contest for the confidence in concession by means of project financing of the realization and management of the first phase of the Platform Europe, new industrial a slowly compatible one with the forecasts of the Technical Note of Update to the Implementing Plan of relative Detail to the forecasts of multipurpose development of the traffic. Beginning from that moment the activities of handling of the container not compatible with the operativity of the Europe Platform will be therefore allowed in residuale way and will be a specific study addressed to the traffic of the containers to define the consistency of such volume of traffic. Lorenzini therefore is authorized to the development of the former harbour operations art.16 for all the operational cycle on account third party until on December 31, 2029.

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