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June 27, 2019

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The next year the question of HSFO for the ships will be more than halved

The International Energy Agency previews that it will come down from 3,5 million to 1,4 million barrels to the day

The next year, because of the effectiveness on January 1°, 2020 of the amendments to annexed YOU of the international convention Marpol for the prevention of the pollution caused from the ships that introduce a lowering of the limit of the sulfur tenor contained in the fuel used from the ships(on 28 October 2016), the heavy fuel oil question to elevated sulfur tenor (HSFO), than currently is the main fuel type used from the ships, will come down drastically. The International Energy Agency (IEA) previews in fact that over a single year the question of High Sulfur Oil Fuel will drop from 3,5 million to 1,4 million barrels to the day.

A drastic cut of the question that it will represent, second the International Agency of the Energy, one of the greater perturbations in the markets of the oil produced ones.

The navigation companies are being prepared for this radical change of scene in various ways, between which what it on board previews the installation of the ships of scrubber, equipment that allows the discouragement of particulate matters and polluting gases from gases of drainage of the ships. The IEA considers that within the end of the 2020 they will be the 4,000 systems of washing of installed gases of drainage on the great ships of the world-wide fleet, with a relative consumption of fuel oil pairs to 700 thousand barrels to the day.

For the Agency, from next 1° January many companies of navigation will prefer to use Marine Gas Oil as fuel rather than fuel oil to lowest sulfur tenor (VLSFO) and the IEA considers that the amount of VLSFO produced initially will be limited, pairs to a million barrels to the day because of the sparsity of mixtures to low sulfur tenor, and that many companies of navigation could be initially reluctant to use the VLSFO being preferred to use the MGO sinché will not have the certainty that the VLSFO will be easy reperibile in the ports and efficient as fuel.

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