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20 November 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 13:10 GMT+1

July 3, 2019

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Kombiverkehr accusation partner DB: the arranged transport cannot grow if trains are not put on

The intermodal society denunciation that the German railway operator is able to not to satisfy the question

If changes will not take part, the forecast of the German government to increase the market share of the rail shipment from 25% to 30% within 2030 will not come true. They have emphasized the general managers of the operator of arranged transport Kombiverkehr, Robert Breuhahn and Armin Riedl, in occasion of the reunion yesterday of the partner of the German company, that goods DB is joint venture 50:50 between the railway society Cargo of the group Deutsche Bahn and about 230 between shippers and conveyors. Breuhahn and Riedl have specified that if in principle a annual increase of the volumes of transport arranged advanced to 10% is possible in the presence of "a range of producing online with the requirements of the market, however in the practical one are not realistic to attend such increments.

According to Breuhahn and Riedl, experienced how much from the Kombiverkehr is own, which leader of the European market of the intermodal transport, to being able to clarify because such forecast cannot be realized. The two managers have remembered that in the 2018 Kombiverkehr, that an intermodal net enlivens about 170 trains shuttle to the day operating that largest and is sold of Europe, transferring cargos from the road to the track has allowed to avoid the emission in atmosphere of beyond a million tons of carbon dioxide. Ciononostante - they have observed - last year the traffic enlivened from the company, pairs to 938 thousand street shipments, is diminished of the -2,1% on 2017(on 1° February 2019). "As leader of the European market - Breuhahn has explained - we cannot escape to the general tendency. This is the reason for which the development of the Kombiverkehr it constitutes a indicator of the development of the market in its complex".

The reason for which the activity of Kombiverkehr it does not succeed to develop itself - has specified Breuhahn - it is because the railway operators are able to not to satisfy the question of trains of Kombiverkehr. The accusation is turned in particular to partner DB Cargo: Breuhahn in fact has specified that the recorded decrease of the -3,6% last year from the volume of national intermodal traffic, that has been pairs to 200 thousand shipments, is attributable mainly "to the unsatisfactory quality of the DB service Cargo", whose rate punctuality is come down at less than 70%. Finding that in this situation it is more rather cynical by branches of the same Deutsche Bahn to take advantage of the bad ones parformance of the parent company, "nevertheless - it has evidenced Breuhahn - this is exactly this that happens when the operators of the terminals demand storage for cases furnish or container that mainly only remain in the terminals because the trains are not punctual".

Breuhahn has emphasized moreover that the deterioration of the performances of the railroads is not a recent fact, but is in existence consecutively from by now six years over the last. According to the general manager of Kombiverkehr, this trend negative is not only riconducibile to the numerous yards opened on the railway net, but also to the deficiency of resources of the railway operators: "there is deficiency - it has specified - of locomotives and machinists let alone of ability to transfer near the terminals". That's why - it has explained - it has not been possible to convert in ulterior shipments of arranged transport the periods of fort you ask found in the course of 2018, determined for example from the low levels of waters of the river Rhine. "We would have been happy for realizing additional trains - it has added Breuhahn - but the railway operators have not been able to satisfy the question because of the deficiency of locomotori and machinists". According to the company of arranged transport, the group Deutsche Bahn has not been able to supply 10% of all the trains ordered from Kombiverkehr.

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