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12 November 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:29 GMT+1

July 4, 2019

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ZES and ZLS can increase the synergies between industry and logistics, but they proceed still slowly

It evidences SRM in its sixth annual report "Italian Maritime Economy"

The Suez Canal, that it completes 150 years, confirmation one I unwind myself strategic for the world-wide mercantile marine traffics and, also thanks to the doubling of the water way Egyptian inaugurated in 2015, it is gradually changing the world-wide orders of the marine transport above all along the East-West route. It finds the sixth annual report "Italian Maritime Economy", from the title "New scenes in the Mediterranean: Suez and China, the strategies of the great carrier, new technologies and the routes of the energy", that it is cured by the association Studies and Searches for Southern Italy - SRM, the center studies connected to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The relationship is introduced today to Naples in occasion of the opening of the first "Euromediterranean Investment Forum", meeting international organized from FeBAF - Federation Banks Assurances and Finance, from the Maritime title "Financing Economy, Investment and Social Development".

I yield of the monitoring of the Permanent Observatory on the marine transports and the logistics, the relationship delineates the new economic and marine scenes that impatteranno on the competitiveness of the System Italian Country, scenes in which, also thanks to the strategic role of the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean is finding again an own centrality in the within of world-wide the marine traffics, with - specific the publication - the ports of the East Med that graces also to the effects of the Belt & Road Initiative show important increments and with a being imminent increase of the competitiveness of the ports of call of the South Med that have by now almost annulled the gap with the ports of North of the Mediterranean. Scenes - it is deduced from the relationship of SRM - that they offer opportunity to Italy, occasions that but are up to now not picked.

"The Mediterranean - the general manager of SRM has asserted, Massimo Deandreis - is finding again its centrality in the marine economy and Italy has a great opportunity now: that to transform its Geo-economic positioning in a true competitive advantage, also in order to attract new investor. But - the relationship has found Deandreis introducing - it is necessary to head with decision at the logistic-portualità binomial, investing in material infrastructures, intermodalità and technologies. Southern Italy in this scene has a great opportunity of development in which the ZES join, instrument that goes now been profitable operating without procrastinations and with conviction".

For SRM, in fact, Special the Economic Zones, with the Logistic Zones Simplified (ZLS), "can represent an important instrument in order to stimulate logistic-harbour and manifacturing investments". "However - denunciation the relationship - the process in order to return these instruments operating, after an initial acceleration is recording rest enough hard. Two years from the institutive bill passed, the ZES seem run aground own in the topical phase in which the incentives of administrative and bureaucratic nature would have to be defined".

According to SRM, moreover, Italy could pick the opportunities offered from the found again centrality of the Mediterranean also through new harbour investments. The association Studies and Searches for Southern Italy considers in fact that if Italy "carried out harbour investments such to involve an increase of the ability and attraction of the traffic of our ports of 10%, this would always generate an impact on the added value produced from the marine row ulterior pairs to 3,2 billion euros. To confirmation - the relationship specifies - of the active and propulsive role of the harbour marine row in national the productive context and of the role that the ZES could carry out attracting investments". "By elaborations of SRM, on data Bank World, carried out on a ZES panel - the relationship explains - is emerged that, once operatively (that is in a temporal arc between the seven and 10 years), in average these areas can succeed in to increase the exports of a Country until a total +40%. If we applied this performance of increase to the current volumes of export of our Southern Italy (the ZES - the document remembers - can be only constituted in fact in the South while for the center north the ZLS), over a decade could be activated an additional volume of export pairs to about 18 billion euros".

The association considers moreover that the ZES, in particular, can give a strong impulse to the traffic of the container: "an analysis of SRM - the relationship specifies - has shown as on a panel of ports of the Mediterranean, equipped of Special Economic Zones, such traffic has had annual medium increments in last the 10 years of 8.4% (tasks that in Italy the increase has been in the same period pairs little more of 1%). Also in this case, if we applied this percentage of increment to the southern ports, that pairs to four million teus enliven 40% of the traffic Italian container, in 10 years we could increase the volume until 7,4 million teus. To this increment of traffic the consequent relative positive impacts to the logistic working to added value would add also".

Therefore, it concludes the relationship, with the Southern Italy that "is the potential logistic-harbour platform of the Country, to the service of the industry of the territory", "is without delay necessary to make to leave the ZES - Special Economic Zones and to invest on ports, intermodalità and logistics integrated to the industrial processes".

"The marine economy - it has emphasized the regional director South of Intesa Sanpaolo, Francesco Guido - is a fundamental asset for the development of Southern Italy as it allows to supply perspective to its geographic connotation of logistic platform in the Mediterranean, area in which 20% of the world-wide traffics via ship are concentrated. He is but fundamental that is a coherent engagement in the infrastructural adaptations in order to not only improve of the competitiveness, but also and above all in picking the extraordinary opportunities presents in the ZES. Too much often the perfectibility withins are emphasized some and not the potentialities". Guido has remembered that "Intesa Sanpaolo is engaged to so accompany the development of the ZES with a plateau of 1,5 billion as in the work of attraction of Italian investments and foreign countries".

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