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23 October 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:23 GMT+2

July 5, 2019

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Duci (Federagenti) asks re-integrates to vice minister of the Rixi condemned or the nomination of an undersecretary for ports and shipping

For the second hypothesis it proposes the names of Mauro Coltorti and Mattia Crucioli

The president of the Italian Federation of the shipping agents asks re-integrates in its role of vice minister with delegation to the Ports, logistic and construction inland navigation special of Edoardo Rixi, than last month he has resigned resignation after to be condemned to three years and five months to the term of a process in which to he and other from Liguria regional councilmen he was contested to have demanded and obtained in period 2010-2012 you reimburse publics for expenses not relating to institutional activities. In alternative the number one of prompt Federagenti the nomination of a competent undersecretary on marine ports and transports.

"The absence of a political reference in a position to facing the thematic ones of the transport and the logistics, from the position in which the vice-minister Rixi carried out its job - the president of Federagenti has explained, Gian Enzo Duci - is a serious problem for us operators, but it is especially for the minister Toninelli who finds himself to face alone issues diversified and indefensible for a single man of government. In this phase of change to international level, the damages for our Country can be potentially of immeasurable entity. The consequences of this empty one of acquaintance and knowledge are probably destined to affect permanently, for years, the ability to the Italian economy to compete on the markets".

The comment inforMARE

A small part of the genoese world of the marine transport has always had the vezzo to mock the Augusto and elitario club of the shipping London. The other part always has been more disposed to recall itself to the free-range pomps of "scagni" and of the "steam" that has constructed the fortunes of some genoese families or of it they have decreed the ruin.

He will be for its elegance that seems comes from one of those genoese stores that still today are boasted to offer to the customers only pure English dressmaking, will be because as past president of the association of the shipping agents of the capital of Liguria also it has taken care to organize the biennial event "Genoa Shipping Week", so to speculate on "London Shipping Week", it will be also for other but Gian Enzo Duci just seems to belong to the aristocracy Anglophile of "shipping" the genoese one.

Perhaps but the appearances trick since in an England of His majesty nobody it would be dreammed to repropose for a public assignment a person in whose it confronts a court has pronounced a sentence sentence, is that this is definitive or not.

Bruno Bellio
"It is not - it has specified Duci - a problem of names or political areas, but of functions, role and especially technical competences. The M5S has demonstrated in these days, on case ILVA, to become account when it is opportune to make reverse in order to avoid an own-goal. In such sense today, after the principle battle pre elections defused from resignation of Rixi, paradoxicalally, own of minister Toninelli would be convenience and of the M5S to ask of I re-integrate in the position (also in consideration of the fact that the Severino law is not still applicable to its case)".

"If the optimal solution were not percorribile - it has continued the president of Federagenti - both parties of government has to the their internal professionality that could, at least partially, to overwhelm the empty one provoked from resignation of the vice minister. In the Movement 5Stelle, for example, Mauro Coltorti, geologist and president of the Commission Lavori of the Senate, and senator Mattia Crucioli, genoese amministrativista lawyer, has sure the background in order to support Minister Toninelli. The same one is worth inside also of the Alloy where, above all in virtú of the relationships of collaboration with the vice-minister precedence, there are competent personalities in matter is between the politicians who between the area technicians".
"The important - according to the president of Federagenti - is "to make quickly" and to place the Ministry and the minister in condition of being able to count on a technician that knows and is able to promptly face thematic and the cogenti problems of the field. Every debate, every ability to face thematic, species emergenziali that regards the marine field, the ports, the logistics and therefore the carrying axis of the Italian economy is blocked, or it has been engulfed in a swamp that it seriously threatens to prevent any perspective of resumption of the Country".

"To our opinion - it has concluded Duci - it is today not more rinviabile the choice than a referring one dedicated within the government for all thematic the afferent ones to the harbour field, the logistics, to the marine policies, Via of the enclosed Silk".

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