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10 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:03 GMT+2

July 8, 2019

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Published the "National Account of Infrastructures and the Transports - Anni 2017-2018"

The relationship of the MIT has reached the forty-seventh edition

The Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports has published the "National Account of Infrastructures and the Transports - Anni 2017-2018" (CNIT 2017-2018), document - reached its forty-seventh edition - that it is produced of the Office of Statistics of the ministry and that puts on given, statistics and indicators that, for how much it concerns to the single specific segment of the transports, is relative to fleeting infrastructures, means, traffic and goods for transport way, market of the automobile, licenses and outcomes of the examinations of guide, local public transport, supply and demand of mobility and indicators of city mobility, shipbuilding naval, financings publics and private expenses of field, street, marine, railway and aerial incidentalità and other externalities deriving from the transports.

In the presentation to CNIT 2017-2018, relationship that are releasable from the site of the MIT, the general manager for the Informative and Statistical Systems of the Ministry, Mario Nobile, evidence that "on the plan of the contents, statistics and the indicators contained in the CNIT they put in evidence, regarding the fields of the transports and the constructions, that difficulty of consolidation still persists of by now reached positive cyclical phase, after the been extended period of crisis that has marked the Italian and international economy between 2008 and 2015. However, relatively to the field of the transports - Nobleman specifies - positive signs are recorded relatively in the within of the traffic to the various ways of transport; tendentially in increase, during the last few years, they turn out also the annual medium distances of the people, against a question of mobility still characterized from meaningful imbalances in favor of private means".

"The added value of the constructions of last the three years - the leader of the Ministry still observes - is finally returned to grow, even if still weakly and to such an extent not to have still recovered the heavy accumulated losses in the crisis years; to such purpose - specific Nobleman - an instrument who will allow to ulteriorly strengthen the positive cyclical phase of field will be constituted by the new National Database of Public works (AINOP), planned from the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports with the objective primary to supervise on safety of infrastructures, also throwing again the section of the public construction industry".

Attached to the CNIT they are, moreover, available, on rows, the last edition de "the Nautical Diporto in Italy" and, on distinguished folders, ulterior statistics of appendix let alone other information and data on transports and infrastructures. Also edition de "the Nautical Diporto in Italy", so as other documents, is releasable from the site of the Ministry.

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