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06 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:23 GMT+2

July 16, 2019

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Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti on 24 July have indetto in order a general strike of the marine ones

Between the demands, a reform of the Placement of the Seafarers and the insertion of the social clause in the notices for the allocation of the marine concessions

Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti have indetto for next the 24 July a general strike of the marine ones. In a note the labor organizations have explained that, "to beyond a year from its takeover, the moment has arrived to recall the government to its responsibilities regarding the field. An executive - they have denounced - that has chosen not to open some type of confronts structured with the union of the transports and that does not mention to complete the necessary choices regarding the total system of transport, existing infrastructures and to program, of rules for the corrected operation of mobility of people and goods".

Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti have found that "the resolved criticalities of the launches do not segment of the field" are determining "a loss of efficiency of the Italian productive system and are compromising the future of the workers and of the workers of the transports, with the risk of ulterior losses of places of work in case were not taken part quickly. In this picture - they have specified - it becomes complex also I renew of national contracts in a position to giving to normative certainties and wage recovery".

The unions have specified that strike is face to start confronts with the government and to speed up "coherent and stable politics of the infrastructures that are the main multiplier of the economic well-being, social and environmental of a State; politics of the transports that only are not considered spold public but investment on the competitiveness of the territory and its vivibilità; clear and transparent rules, that they prevent the competition to the decrease between the enterprises and that they give priority to safety, to the regularity and the environmental protection; new and more balanced rules on the right of strike that do not hold hostage the citizens of little and small trade-union acronyms and that but they obligate the enterprises to respect the agreements".

Relatively to the marine transport, emphasizing that it represents a fundamental point of the Italian economy and a field where it is continued to invest above all on the fleet for more modern and more ecological ships, Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti have evidenced that in order to accompany this important process of increase "is engaged to traguardare renews of the CCNL of category for giving the just answers to the legitimate expectations of the world of work, having considered the deep evolutions that the same one is recording in order to be to the step in the great total challenges. There is need - they have emphasized - of giving chosen continuities to the job up to here carried out with precise that they safeguard the occupation and the professions. It goes too much moved the bureaucratic lax and the succession of technical norms tightening in particular for those relative ones to the development of the working activity of the officials of covered and car with the institution of the course required".

"As labor organizations - Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti have remembered - since the 2016 we have exposed to the Ministry our perplexities, perceiving that the expiration of the certificates demanded for the development of the marine activity, would have provoked problems above all to the marine Italians, because of the delays with which are adapted the Italian legislation to the international norms (from 2010, March 2016 has expected in order to supply the indications on the type of demanded formation) and the excessive rigidity with which the then same ministry it has understood the norms. There is need to keep up with the other Countries of the European Community in the recepimento of the coming norms from the international organisms whose contained they go applied, in ways the timely one and without ulterior legislative constraints because of it they would limit strongly the operativity".

"Al government - the note continues - we continue to demand the definitive emanation of you decree implementing that they discipline the Placement of the Seafarers, reformed with DPR 231/2006 and called, now more than ever, to dirimere strong rooted criticalities deriving from the lacked acquaintance the consistency, in real time, of the marine ones disembarked rather than of the marine ones in it looks for first occupation. In fact, the Placement of the Seafarers, whose organization currently is managed by the Harbour offices, does not turn out more answering to the requirements of the marine market and has urgent need of being reformed. Also the modalities of recruitment of the staff obsolete and are based on the so-called method "of the call" through the same Harbours-office that do not use inserted computer science instruments in a system to net. In this direction a process of reform of the Placement of the Seafarers is indispensable, that it sees a national registrar's office updated in real time with the recording of all the certifications in possession. How much over, united with the system Unimare, already active near the Ministry of the Job, would allow with all the subjects interested of having in real time the information of all the staff available to the boarding with relative requirement previewed from the enforced norms. In fact, the absence of an updated census determines still today, a substantial uncertainty with respect to the real number of qualified marine workers to the boarding and waiting for occupation. Therefore, we are able not today of having a complete picture of the percentage of unemployment in the marine field. The evidenced proposal over would afford a substantial crossing between job supply and demand orienting, in fact, also the programming of the institutes scholastics on the base of the real formative requirements of market".

"Regarding the formation of the marine staff - they have still specified Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti - we reconfirm that the same one must be to economic total loaded with previewed functional the shipowning societies as above all to the obligations from the norm for safety of navigation. In the context, we still evidence the lack of distances scholastics for the new figures previewed from the STCW, as in the case specific of the ETO (Electron Technical Officerà)".

The unions have rimarcato moreover that, in the predisposition of next the notices of contest for the allocation of the marine concessions, they consider unavoidable "I confront with the MIT so that is inserted the social clause to protection of all the staff employee as guarantee and protection of all the places of work, involved in the basin of user object of the new concessoria allocation, doing so as that they without interruption continue own working activity with the new manager highest bidder. At last, considering the difficulties, the uneasiness and the particular context in which the marine worker it is called to carry out own performance - they have emphasized Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti - we consider that such wearing activity is shaped which job".

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