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July 19, 2019

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The Ministry for the cultural Assets and activities confirmation the landscaped constraints on the Port Channel of Cagliari

The undersecretary Cow exhorts "to conjugate the protection of the landscape with the legitimate, healthy requirements of development of a territory"

Answering today to the Chamber to a urgent interpellation the undersecretary for the cultural Assets and activities, Gianluca Vacca, it has confirmed the landscaped constraints that some consider are one of the main factors that Channel of Cagliari has carried to the crisis of the activity to the Port. Between these the president of the Region Sardinia, Christian Solinas, than in recent days has newly asserted that the removal of landscaped constraints would give the go-ahead free to the programs of expansion of the harbour port of call. "It is paradoxical - the governor had declared - that the port of strategic an industrial area for the increase of the Sardinia is subordinate to landscaped constraints that of it prejudice the operativity and the development. And he is equally incomprehensible, if not just intolerable, the dilatory attitude of the Ministry for the Assets and the cultural activities many times over from we sped up in order to resolve the problem. All this - Solinas had denounced - in concrete terms risks to block the productive widening of the Port Channel of Cagliari, the start of the Bonded area and special the economic Zone, let alone of the takeovers on such areas and the projects for the potenziamento of infrastructures".

Introducing the interpellation and specifying that "the Ministry is not responsible sure of the crisis of the Port Channel, neither least of all the Sovraintendenza", the parliamentarian Salvatore Deidda (Siblings of Italy) has remembered that "unfortunately there are of constraints, constraints on that which were a beach, the beach of the Playa, than it does not exist more: the Port was created - it has remembered - Channel, but those constraints then remained in the time. Today - the deputy has explained - one wonders to cancel those constraints, because those constraints block the performance of the customs bonded area, block the performance of special the economic zones, block of the entrepreneurs who must invest".

In the retort the undersecretary Cow has emphasized that "in the merit of I decree on 1° March ministerial of the 1967 (declaration of remarkable public interest, according to then the enforced law n. 1.497 of 1939 of the beach de the Playa), then the head office Fine Arts and landscape, with note n. 9.648 of 8 April 2016, have already represented to the E region to then the competent Harbour Authority of Cagliari own convincement about the persistent effectiveness of the landscaped tie tax with aforesaid I decree. It was asserted then, and it is restated now - it has specified the undersecretary - than the eventual one taken part degradation of the recognized elements of interest from I decree ministerial is not in itself justification to the removal of a accertativo provision of the aforesaid values, but, on the contrary, it must be reason in order to activate any action for the restoration of the landscaped values compromises for the taken part realization of works not totally consistent with the same ones. Oltretutto, the area of the Port Channel of Cagliari is subject to an articulated vincolistico picture, of which I decree ministerial on March 1°, 1967 represents a reduced portion of the complex extension, although meaningful, being the fact that the same one I decree it interests the before feature of coast the gulf of Cagliari".

"It is considered therefore, to the current state - it has continued Cow - than realized how much for the aforesaid port cannot be today object of a positive appraisal of landscaped compatibility in ossequio to the sentences jurisprudential, neither of an alternative restoration of the original conformation of the same area at a distance of thirty years from the realization of the public work in word. We are, however, convinced that a careful and specific planning of the participations can lead to the recovery and, therefore, to the conservation of the assessed landscaped values from I decree ministerial, also through new forms of public enjoyment and always that the unavoidable protection of the landscape is placed which connaturante element every relative planning. Draft in short to conjugate the protection of the landscape with the legitimate ones, healthy requirements of development of a territory. This - it has concluded the undersecretary - can happen, affords to say me it, only through dialogue, the concertazione and obviously also some good sense that not out of order never. It remains however it saves the weighting of the multiple interests publics connected to the realization and the management of the same Port Channel, in the within of the exercise of the prerogatives recognized for this, in high administration, to the Prime Minister's Office".

Expressing dissatisfaction for the answer of the undersecretary, Deidda has been said "been astounded": "Sardinian we - he has emphasized - love our coasts, ours spiagge, are caretakers of our territory, but it is impossible to say by the Supervision that we must preserve the atmosphere with regard to a beach that does not exist more: now, to the place of the beach, there is a port". Deidda has evidenced that the only solution "is to make a legislative provision that cancels those constraints", provision that has sped up the government to emit.

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