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21 January 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:03 GMT+1

July 25, 2019

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In according to trimester the traffic in the port of Rotterdam it has grown of +1.6%

In the field of the container an increase of +3.8% is recorded

After a first trimester of the 2019 in which the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Rotterdam it is increased of +5.1%, in the quarter next trend of increase April-june has been attenuated with the Dutch harbour port of call that has enlivened 116,8 million tons of goods, with a contained progression of +1.6% on the period last year that it is I yield of a contraction of the tendency to the rise of the traffic in all the main merceologici sections.

In the branch of activity of the container the traffic has been of 39,2 million tons, with an increment of +3.8%, and is totaled with a handling of containers pairs to 3,8 million teu (+5.5%). The other goods several is diminished of -4,4% attesting itself to the 7,5 million one tons, of which 5,9 million tons of rotabili (- 4.7%) and 1,6 million tons of other conventional cargos (- 3.3%).

In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the bulk sand banks has been of 18,6 million tons (+2.0%), included mineral and scraps for a total of 8,4 million tons (+20.0%), coal for 5,0 million tons (- 14.6%), agricultural bulk for 2,2 million tons (- 14.2%) and other solid bulk for 3,0 million tons (+6.7%).

In the pre-eminent field of the liquid bulk the traffic has been altogether of 51,5 million tons (+0.8%), between which 24,1 million tons of oil crude oil (- 4.7%), 16,9 million refined producing tons of oil (- 3.6%), 2,0 million tons of natural gas which liquified (+64.9%) and 8,5 million tons of other cargos liquids (+20.3%).

In entire the first semester of the 2019 traffic it has been totally of 240,7 million tons, with an increase of +3.4% on the first six months last year. The containerized trade has been of 77,2 million tons (+4.8%) and is realized with a container handling pairs to beyond 7,5 million teu (+6.4%). The Harbour Authority of Rotterdam has specified that the increment of the containerized trade is generated in wide part from the increase of the traffic of transhipment, but also from the increase of imported full containers from Asia. Moreover the marked rise of the traffic of the container which counted in teu has had to the increase of handling of empty containers. The cargos ro-ro have grown of +2.7% to 12,3 million conventional tons and the goods is diminished of -0,3% at less than the 3,1 million one tons.

Moreover in the first six months of the 2019 solid bulk they are piled to 38,1 million tons, of which 14,2 million minerals and +0.9% scrap (), 12,5 million coal (+1.3%), 4,8 million agricultural bulk (- 7.2%) and 6,5 million tons of other solid bulk (+21.4%). In the field of the liquid bulk the total has been of 110,0 million tons, included 52,2 million tons of crude oil (+2.8%), 38,0 million oil producing tons of refined (- to 5.8%), 3,8 million tons of natural gas which liquified (+93.9%) and 16,1 million tons of other liquid bulk (+14.4%).

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