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14 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 10:50 GMT+2

August 2, 2019

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Confitarma, most recent analysis INPS-CNEL demonstrates the success of the International Registry

Mattioli: thanks to its institution marine the Italian flag is placed today to the first place in Europe for communitarian employees, of which the great majority they are Italian

In recent days Istituto Nazionale di Social Previdenza (INPS) and National Council of the Economy and Employment (CNEL) have introduced the preliminary outcome of an analysis started on half of slid on the quantitative nature of the national collective bargaining agreements stipulated from the social parts, relationship that collects relative data 2018 per year. Relatively to the private sector of the shipowning industry, that it involves the datoriali organizations of category Confitarma, Assorimorchiatori, Federimorchiatori and Fedarlinea let alone the confederal organization Confindustria and the labor organizations Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, USCLAC and UNCDIM, the contract involves 1,786 companies and it is applied to a total of 32.893 workers. To these the 3,090 workers of 128 companies to which sailor applies itself to the CCNL for staff and administrative of the societies that carry out services of short cabotage of, medium and long range join and that it sees signer, besides the same datoriali and trade-union organizations, the confederal organization Confcommercio.

Referring to these data, the Confederation Italian Shipping (Confitarma) has evidenced as such study, for the first time in the history of the marine field, supplies given national that inequivocabilmente confirm that the law n. 30 of 1998, that it has instituted the International Registry, "are "success story" also under the occupational profile. In fact - Confitarma has explained - he is finally available the official number of the Italian and communitarian workers to which 32,893 units) and of those are applied to the CCNL Confitarma (to which the CCNL Fedarlinea (3,090 is applied), for a total of 35.983 units. Of these - it has specified the Confederation - 8,117 are personal of earth, therefore the number of places of work on board covered from communitarian Italian staff/turns out pairs to 27.866 that, by virtue of the spins necessary to guarantee the rests to earth, they appoint to a job about 38.000 marine ones".

We remember that the last data I am diffused by Confitarma about the places of work on board of the Italian ships reported per year 2018 indicate a total of job 46.350 places, of which about 26.000 covered from marine European Italians or and about 20.350 from not European staff, places - it has specified the shipowning organization - on which they rotate about 66.300 marine ones

Referring to the analysis of the INPS and the CNEL, Confitarma it has rimarcato that, "after years in which various subjects they have practiced to on board estimate the number of the marine Italians and communitarian employees of the ships of Italian flag, we have the confirmation finally, as well as of the substantial correctness of the esteem elaborated from Confitarma, of the infondatezza of the critics whom moved to the law n. 30 of 1998". Between these, evidently, the sour critics to the formulation of the International Registry movements Wednesday from vice-president of Assarmatori, Vincenzo Onorato, president of the Honored group Shipping(on 31 July 2019)

From part its Confitarma has assured that it will not never get tired "to remember as the institution of the International Registry has represented a point of carried out characterizing of Italian marine politics, second the line-guide European effective and still far-sighted, that they have allowed with the European Union of being today the first carrier of the world".

"Thanks to the institution of the International Registry - it has observed the president of Confitarma, Mario Mattioli - marine the Italian flag is placed today to the first place in Europe for communitarian employees, of which the great majority they are Italian. This data assumes still more importance if it is considered that other communitarian flags, also boasting a advanced tonnage by far, occupy a communitarian number of marine inferior".

Confitarma has emphasized as, to twenty years from its promulgazione, is undeniable that the law of 1998 has worked: "it demonstrates the fact to it - it has specified the Confederation referring to the ships of Italian flag - than the fleet it is more than doubled and it is today one of the fleets of flag more important to the world, succeeding to exceed moments of great difficulty legacies to international the economic crisis. We speak about beyond 1.400 ships for 15,5 million tons, the majority of which is daily anticipates on the seas of the world inalberando the flag of our Country. Against doubts recently manifested about the positive effects of the International Registry, today there is the incontrovertible test that also the Italian and communitarian marine occupation from there has drawn important and undeniable benefits".

"To weaken the normative picture of the International Registry - it has concluded Confitarma - it wants to say to undermine a perfect one success story that it allows with the Italian fleet to compete on the seas of the world. Analysis CNEL-INPS confirmation also that our marine ones, whose competences are recognized all over the world, they are the fundamental asset of our industry and remain to the center of the success story of the Italian flag".

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