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August 16, 2019

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Cgil and Cisl exhort the government to resolve positively the dispute of the Port Channel of Cagliari

Considered the imminent expiration of the lay-off procedure - they have evidenced - not there is more time in order to distort

Launch a new alarm for risen of the workers of the Port the Channel of Cagliari, Cgil and Cisl of Cagliari with the categories of Filt Cagliari and Fit Sardinia they have emphasized the necessity to quickly sign the agreement attended from the workers "because, considered the imminent expiration of the lay-off procedure - they have evidenced - not there is more time in order to distort".

The labor organizations have manifested worry for the absence of answers by the Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT), the society of the group Contship detentrice Italy of the concession of the Port Channel, that to withdraw reservations would have had on the percorribilità of the advanced solution to the table of Mise 31st July: twelve put of redundancy fund on the base of I decree Genoa. "By now the six days of delay granted from the Ministry to the CICT have expired - Carmelo Farci and Mimmo Contu have explained the confederal secretaries, and of category, Massimiliana Tocco and Corrado Pani - also. We expect therefore a convocation to tightened turn by Mise that, in spite of the crisis of government, in these days has faced many other emergencies but that of the Industrial Port of Cagliari does not seem to hold in the due consideration".

The representatives of Cgil and Cisl have ricorcato that in the course of the encounter on 31 July the unions had rimarcato the necessity to start confront effective propositivo and in very fast times that carried to reach the main objective: to avoid the lay-offs, to safeguard the occupational levels and not to inside disperse to the professionality of the workers maintaining them of the circuit port. Unfortunately - they have found - until now no answer has arrived by the company, and no reunion to Rome is convened. "We understand - they have specified - the current difficulties of the government, but we have attended months in order to conquer, after many manifestations, you strike, sit-in and encounters in Prefecture, an only ministerial encounter and now, also appreciating the combined effort of the ministries of the Economic Development and the Job in finding a confacente social shock-absorber to the serious situation, we consider unacceptable that they do not supervise on the developments of the dispute, and not is riconvocato the table after the absence of answers by the company".

The unions have denounced therefore the insufficient attention by Mise, to which they speed up also a engagement on the actions to undertake in order to throw again the terminal of Cagliari and to exceed useless constraints and the bureaucratic storture that today of it prevent the development. "Unfortunately - they have observed the secretaries - we have recorded almost an annoyance sense when, in the course of the encounter to Rome, we have marked the urgency to make to leave the bonded area, to favor the advantage fiscality and to return attended Special the Economic Zone quickly operating in that the port resumes own activities, within the period in which, the redundancy fund is hoped, will be activated".

The unions have concluded asking that in any case, independently from the decision of the Contship group, the president of the Cristian Solinas Region takes part is with the company that with minister Di Maio in order to obtain quickly a convocation to Mise "with the objective to resolve positively this dispute and to avoid what he is being transformed in the umpteenth slap in the face to the dignity of the Sardinian workers".

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