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August 30, 2019

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Swiss Combos (Planzer, Transport Truck, Galliker and Bertschi) has acquired 35% of SBB CFF FFS Cargo

To conclusion of operation SBB International Cargo it will be scorporata by the company and it mails under the direct control of group public SBB CFF FFS

The Swiss Helvetian Combos, society participated from the Swiss companies family run Holding Planzer (40%), Truck Transport (40%), Holding Galliker (10%) and Bertschi (10%), has acquired 35% of the capital of SBB CFF FFS Cargo, the society of the railway company Swiss SBB CFF FFS that at the beginning of this year is returned independent of the group with the objective to increase of the competitiveness and the increase and with the scope also of being able to open the capital to the income of a minority associate(on September 20, 2018 and 21 January 2019). Remaining 65% of the capital of SBB CFF FFS Cargo remain in the hands of the Swiss public group.

The parts have decided not to disclose the purchase price. The cession of the quota to Swiss Combos is subject to the approval of the Helvetic authority for competition, whose decision is attended for the first trimester of 2020. The new board of directors of SBB CFF FFS Cargo will be composed of a maximum of seven members, two of which named directly from the public railway group, that it will be able to name until four members, while Josef Jäger (Trucks Transport) and Nils Planzer (Holding Planzer) will sit in the council as representatives of the Swiss Combos, while external member will be Eric Grob who between 2008 and 2016 has been partner of the society of McKinsey advising and in such he dresses has assisted SBB CFF FFS Cargo within various projects and that he has among other things carried out varied assignments for railroads and logistic enterprises of other European Countries.

To conclusion of the acquisition the SBB International Cargo, society that work transalpine international services of transport arranged on the axis north-south and that is participated to 75% from SBB CFF FFS Cargo and to 25% from the Helvetic operator of arranged transport Hupac, will be scorporata by SBB CFF FFS Cargo and mail under the direct control of group SBB CFF FFS as the international activity did not re-enter in the offer of cession of a quota capital of SBB CFF FFS Cargo.

Group SBB CFF FFS has specified that the operation will not have as consequence the cut of ulterior places of work beyond how much previewed from the program of simplification of the company announced to March 2018 (inforMARE on March 2, 2018).

Commenting the conclusion of the agreement with Swiss Combos, the managing director of group SBB CFF FFS, Andreas Meyer, it has remembered that "five years ago, after Cargo is returned profitable (for the first time after 40 years, ndr), has been born the idea of a partnership on the SBB model International Cargo. With this cooperation - it has explained - we have placed important bases for the future development of FFS Switzerland Cargo". Remembering moreover that the state indemnifications are reduced give beyond 25 million franchi in 2011 to zero to beginning 2019, the Helvetic group has emphasized that ciononostante in the first semester of this year SBB CFF FFS Cargo however it has succeeded to reach the balancing in its national and international activities. The group has specified that however the continuous financial situation under pressure to remain and in the first six months of 2019 SBB CFF FFS Cargo has lost traffic volumes is in the systematic traffic to wagons is in the traffic to isolated wagons, with a turnover that is diminished respective of the -7% and the -5% regarding the year precedence, bending - it has emphasized the group - that has been due to the fact that the question of the chemical industry, of the steel and of the wood he has been inferior to how much initially previewed with the customers.

From part they the four partner of Swiss Combos, all engaged in the fields of the transports and the logistics, have explained that "with such engagement we intend to promote the development and the success of the combined project of the "Swiss railroad goods", to which collaborate in the within of the transport goods since the acquisition of CDS Cargo Domicilio KNOW in 1997. Together with our partner - they have specified - we have an excellent base in order to reach the objective of profit of FFS Cargo KNOWS, for which we put on our experience in the field of the logistics. To such care we are upgrading our strategy in the arranged traffic and intend to on the road develop ulteriorly modal split (to the quota transports/track) in favor of the rail shipment, a choice oculata from the point of view economic (exploitation of the night hours, no loss of time due to slows down of the traffic) and ecological".

"The railroad for the transport goods - they have specified moreover the partner of Swiss Combos - will continue to distribute services in the within of the logistic chain of all the current customers and possibly also of new, guaranteeing a rate greater use it is in the arranged traffic that to wagons. To such care one agrees to ulteriorly improve the reliability and the efficiency. Moreover new logistic solutions are being set up, for example in the fields of the services door to door, of the services of public usefullness and management of the refusals (in densely which peopled areas) and of City logistics. In such a way the competitiveness of the railroad in the within of the logistic chain of the customers grows and the transport carriers are employed according to the respective strengths: the railroad in order to cover long distances between various economic areas, the transport on the road for the capillary distribution to the final customer".

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