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September 10, 2019

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Suspended for a year from their functions the summits of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale

The provision regards the president, the general secretary and a technical leader. Duci (Federagenti): it is in existence a libanizzazione of the harbour system

Upon request of the Procura of Ravenna, the investigating magistrate has emitted a interdittivo provision, establishing the suspension from the charges for the duration of a year, in confronts of the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale, Daniele Rossi, of the general secretary of the agency, Paolo Ferrandino, and of Fabio Maletti, technical leader of the harbour authority. The provision is assumed within an investigation on the sinking of the property left at death one of the ship Berkan B from years abandoned in the port of Ravenna and on a consequent environmental pollution.

On the event the president of the federation of the Italian shipping agents is taken part. Remembering that the inquiry of Ravenna sum to those which they have swept up other Harbour Authorities, from that of Livorno, where in these days, even if the penal inquiry continues, the president of the port he is only re-integrated in the role from which it had been interdict months ago, to that in existence to Naples, to that penitentiary that are incumbent on the ports of Bari and Brindisi, let alone to that for abuse compulsory to Gioia Tauro, to which - it has evidenced - the rumours join that they regard also other Authorities of Harbour System in particular in the north of the peninsula, the president of Federagenti, Gian Enzo Duci - it has emphasized that "i cases are two: or minister Delrio in the choice of the presidents and the secretaries of the Authorities of Harbour System has mistaken all the having assigned governance of the ports to dishonest duffers or; or the harbour reform places, for summary of norms and the competences, the summits of the Authorities of Harbour System in a position of sure martyrdom. Tertium non datur if the eventuality not to directly entrust to inquisitors the guide of all the Italian portualità".

"In Hush the deafening one of politics - it has continued Duci - a real slaughter in the ports and of the managing pictures is being consumed that would have to guide them in a moment for the other most delicate one in which the opportunity of resumption they could be transformed in a matter of weeks in clamorous own-goals. Today, and it is not a paradox, solo a manager with vocation to the martyrdom or a leader that do not have nothing to lose and that however it cannot hope in no professional increase, could reasonably accept a charge, to limited decision and limitless risk. A charge that, in light of the facts, of the proliferation of the judicial inquiries, the recent Ravenna case and the penal risks, is the mirror of a failed harbour reform".

"If the judgments on the governance of the ports, on the centralization of the choices in organisms never activated - it has found the president of Federagenti - can be object of contrasting appraisals, certainly the concentration of functions, competences in a sconclusionato normative picture and all to interpret, they have created the premises for the greatest failure of the national portualità".

Evidencing the necessity that in existence comes mail an emergency measure such to avoid that the ports become the cause of the more important and incurable economic blackout of the national system, Duci has concluded specifying that "as operators of the field we cannot not denounce that which is by now a libanizzazione of the harbour system and the consequences that are some already deriving, are for the important block work infrastructural, for the comprehensible one and are by now almost generalized tendency of the summits, still not swept up from inquiries, to assume any decision and to make official it with a signature".

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