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September 13, 2019

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Revocation of the concession to a company of the active port of Gioia Tauro in the construction and repair of yacht

The provision as a result of a happened mortal incident in June

The harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has declared decayed the which released marine state property concession Zen Yacht. The provision 21st june follows the tragic incident happened in the calabrian port in which Agostino Filandro had died, event as a result of which the Public Prosecutor's Office of Palmi had enrolled in the registry of inquired the lawyers representatives, in the quality of administrator and dependent, of the Cooperative Moduli, called to answer of culpable homicide for "negligence, recklessness and imperizia, let alone for breach of the norms in matter of protection of the health and safety in the workplace".

Remembering that from years Zen Yacht has occupied part of the "dock of West" of the port of Gioia Tauro in order to maintain to a yard for the construction and the repair of yacht let alone a dock for the towage and the launch of unit from diporto, the Harbour Authority it has specified that in own I decree emitted yesterday with which the lapsing of concessionaire's right is declared is specified that the provision is motivated by serious omissions to the vigilance duties, violations of assumption of responsibility and authorization to the development of working activity of the company Modulus.

The Harbour Authority has explained that by carried out administrative assessments from the agency it is emerged that the defunct Agostino Filando, entered in port with an authorization of income, demanded from the Zen Yacht company, exclusively in quality of "visitor", the facts instead has passed away during the development of a working activity of towage of a floating one carried out from the Cooperative Modulus, among other things deprives of the necessary authorizations for the development of such type of activity. Practically - it has specified the harbour authority - the cooperative Modulus, whose dependent were maneuvering the crane that has caused the dead women of Agostino Filandro, operated in port by virtue of a stipulated contract with Zen Yacht in order to carry out limited a working activity exclusively to little ones work of floating carpenter's shop and maintenance, and not sure extended to the towage and the launch. From the carried out assessments, the Authority has so contested to an unacceptable violation of the disciplining rules the access and the development of working activities in harbour within, riferibili violations to the concessionaire Zen Yacht who has demonstrated himself smart-mouthed of the norms and rules that discipline the exercise of the activity of marine state property concession.

"The tragic one died of Mr. Filandro - it has evidenced the extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority, Andrea Agostinelli - on the first floor places the necessity of the most rigorous respect of the norms in matter of safety and health on the job places, norms that in harbour within assume a primary role in the appraisal about the permanence of the basic conditions for the development of working activities".

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