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24 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:06 GMT+2

September 16, 2019

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The Chinese threat - the German navalmeccanica association perceives - more than in the anti-competitive practices is inborn in the actions anti-democrats and illiberali

The VSM answers also to the critics of IG Metall emphasizing the opportunity to maintain quotas temporary job high

The war of the custom offices between the USA and China, if it has an impact negative on the international exchanges for marine way, does not have important effects on the market of the shipbuilding. Moreover between the two parts in contrast that most frightening one is not Washington, but Beijing, and not for issues of commercial, but political type. It has supported Reinhard Lüken, general manager of the Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik (VSM), the association that represents the ship yards and the suppliers of naval equipments of Germany, that it has hardly criticized the political initiatives considered of China much rather than the commercial countermeasures assumed from Beijing repressive in order to contrast the tariff measures adopted by the United States.

For the general manager of the VSM, the reason for which the American actions they do not produce and they will not produce damages to the German producers of ships and naval equipments even if is simple - has remembered - in Germany 98% of the commercial ships are constructed for shipowners foreign countries and 75% of the machinery and the equipments for shipping "the Made in Germany" are exported. "The direct consequences would not be almost from being worried because - it has specified - the market American of the shipbuilding is for law from a century protected from the imports and a greater degree of distortion of the competition - are its caustic comment reported to the effects of Jones Act - it cannot be certainly invented from president Trump".

For Lüken, instead, something very more dangerous is "being brewing" in China. "The developments to Hong Kong - it has asserted - evidence very clearly that the companies can suddenly enter in the crash between the competitive forces of the systems. China - the general manager of VSM has denounced - does not leave doubts on the fact that the standards of the country in terms of freedom of expression and democracy let alone competition and market economy, are different from those of the western world. The companies would have to serve the people and the markets. A sociopolitica critic of the system - she has specified Lüken - usually does not re-enter in their tasks. Even if this does not succeed in all, it is task of the company to take note of its characteristics and adattarvisi. But this - it has specified - does not mean that it must ignore annoying procedures, that they must be enclosed in the risk assessment. What means - Lüken has wondered - legal uncertainty and an increasing degree of will by Been about to the business happen to mean and long term, but also for direct safety of the dependent? Which dependencies are primed and which consequences in order to exit some must be taken in consideration"

According to Lüken, the event of the airline Cathay Pacific, with the suspensions and the lay-offs adopted in confronts of the dependent that have participated to the recent protests to Hong Kong, exemplifies which can be these implications. Bluntly the general manager of the VSM has asserted that "the capacity of I attack it to freedom of expression remembers the chapters more dark of recent passed the German".

Lüken has observed that "if the commercial exchanges with China more are not hindered by distortions of the competition, uncertainties on the legal picture and serious nonperformances in the field of the intellectual property, meanwhile the risks that the dependent on the spot are victims of espionage, arbitrary denunciations and measures are increasing in meaningful way". For Lüken, "this situation of the companies to think to alternatives at the market Chinese without need of a diktat indurrà uncertainty governmental, not even of that of the president American".

"All these - it has evidenced the general manager of the VSM - are not theoretical considerations. In the field of the fleeting ships, the Chinese ship yards are proposing offered apparently interesting for any specialized supplier, than today it depends on the know-how-how. But tomorrow? Perhaps - it has concluded Lükern - we must lend much more attention to the advantages of the marine prerogatives of Germany and Europe".

If on the external front it is China, for VSM, the hostile antagonist with which the German and European ship yards must be confronted, on the internal front the association must defend the companies of the field of the critics of the IG Metall Küste that it reproaches to make to them more and more resorted to forms of temporary job. The German union has realized an investigation on the occupation in the section of the shipbuilding that it evidences as in the 2019 places of work they are increased of +7.0% on the year precedence going up to 18.122 units, increase that is previewed will continue in 2020 with a +3%. "We are pleased - Meinhard Geiken has commented, regional director for Meclemburgo-Pomerania Front of the IG Metall Küste - of this continuous positive development, supported mainly from the construction of cruise ships and orders of yacht and of Marina. However we are worried that many ship yards more and more use temporary contracts of job and service, with a 60% of workers to contract near single companies that is a percentage absolutely too much elevated". Moreover the union has asked the yards more formation for the workers.

VSM has not contested the numbers on the occupation yields of the investigation of the union. Rather Lüken, emphasizing the meaningful increment of the occupation happened in the German ship yards in the last year, has defined the critic of IG Metall - "little constructive and, for how much it can be received positively from the public opinion, even counter-productive". "In order not to compromise our competitiveness on the total market, that it is already strongly distorted by incorrect state participations - has replied the general manager of the navalmeccanica association - are essential just conditions picture. This includes also flexible and reliable instruments for the margin and labor market of sufficient maneuver for the companies. The division of the job - it has supported Lüken - is the base of the industrial success of Germany. The temporary job, let alone the contract of work and services - it has concluded - is indispensable in order to maintain a efficient production from the economic point of view and financial in Germany".

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