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September 16, 2019

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Alla Camera three bills in parliament of the CNEL for the normative simplification of the system of the Italian logistics

Appreciation of Confetra and Confitarma

National Council of the Economy and Employment (CNEL) has announced that today to the Chamber of Deputies the three bills in parliament (C. 2086, C. 2087, C. 2088) of the CNEL for the normative simplification of the system of the Italian logistics, witnesses are announced - has specified the CNEL, that it is organ of advising of the Chambers and the government - that they represent the final result of along cycle of auditions carried out to Villa Lubin on formal request of Confetra, the General Confederation Italiana of the Transports and the Logistics, represented in the assembly of the CNEL from councilman Nereo Marcucci, with four Public Administration, 25 trade associations and four labor organizations of the field, in order to elaborate an organic text in a position to exceeding the criticalities that determine the operating increase in weight of the supply chain Italian and to since eliminate the necks of bottle in all the operating process from the arrive-departure of the goods the withdrawal-delivery, focusing the attention on the flows of import-export that they are those today mainly problematic in the international competition.

The three bills in parliament of initiative of the CNEL, introduced to the Chamber according to art. the 99 of the Constitution, regard "Modifications to the enforced legislation for the simplification and the competitiveness of the system of the Italian logistics of the goods", "Delegation to the Government for reorder and the simplification of the afferent discipline the system of the logistics of the goods" and "Modifications to 8 article 1 of I decree legislative November 1990, n. 374, for the simplification and the competitiveness of the system of the Italian logistics of the goods".

Announcing the presentation of the three legislative proposals the CNEL has evidenced that the logistics today represents 10% of the Gross Domestic Product one and that inefficiencies in the operating procedures inside of the system involve a annual loss of beyond 30 billion euros that determine a gap that it penalizes the national operators in I confront with competitors foreign countries.

"These bills in parliament - it has specified the president of the CNEL, Tiziano Treu - are yield of an intense one confront with administrations, trade associations and unions of the field. The result, as already announced new minister Paola De Micheli, is a co-ordinate system and of participations thesis to simplify the normative picture in order to support the field of the logistics of the goods Italian in the competition with the other European Countries".

Nereo Marcucci, councilman CNEL and past president of Confetra, has manifested "full appreciation for the mapping written up from the CNEL, with the effective contribution of Confetra, relative to inefficiencies of administrative and legislative type that impattano on the logistic processes from whose examination can gush effective normative solutions. In such sense - it has emphasized - these first bills introduced the Parliament are a concrete example".

"The primary requests of the represented entrepreneurial world from Confetra - it has specified Guido Nicolini, current president of Confetra - regard the elimination of the necks of bottle produced from the bureaucracy that today weigh on the operators and they return them less competitive regarding the partner international: the job carried out from the CNEL centers the target. Now it is necessary that the Parliament quick and is determined in pursuing the objective".

The Italian Confederation Shipping (Confitarma), than in along cycle of auditions near the CNEL was listened to 13th February, has remembered that in such occasion president Mario Mattioli, accompanied from the general manager Luca Sisto, had restated the requirement of simplification for the field of the shipping and in particular for the bureaucratic implementations, when they represent a useless increase of times and costs, that they limit the competitiveness of the fleet of Italian flag. In fact - it had evidenced Confitarma - some requests that at first sight could appear not directly connected with the logistics interest instead the efficiency of the entire chain.

Hard expressing convergence and support to the three bills in parliament introduced by the CNEL, the shipowning confederation has emphasized that the simplification of the Italian logistic field passes also through the competitiveness of the Italian flag and that, seen the importance of the marine transports in the Italian economy and, in particular, the role that can cover in the distance of development of the Italian logistics, Confitarma considers therefore that in order to avoid to condemn the Italian system to a perpetual subalternità it is necessary to promote the international competitiveness of every single ring of the chain.

Confitarma therefore has wished a legislative express iter to the aim to strongly eliminate in times breviums those inefficiencies in the operating procedures that every year involve a loss of beyond 30 billion euros, penalizing the national operators in the international markets.

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