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September 19, 2019

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To Monfalcone the ceremony of the currency for MSC Seashore, the new flagship of MSC Cruises

The ship, of which the innovative characteristics are illustrated, will be delivered by Fincantieri in 2021

Today in the ship yard of Monfalcone of the Fincantieri group the ceremony of the currency for the cruise ship MSC Seashore has been carried out that under construction previews the insertion in the hull of two coins in sign of blessing and good wish for the future activity of the ship. In occasion of the event Fincantieri and MSC Cruises, to which the new unit it will be delivered in 2021, they have introduced some of the most recent environmental technologies available on the market of which MSC Seashore will be equipped that, with its 339 meters and a tonnage almost 170 thousand tons, will be the new flagship of fleet MSC Cruises and the constructed larger cruise ship in Italy.

MSC Seashore, that it will enter in June in service of 2021 and will be before the two new ships of the class "Seaside Age", will be equipped of systems of last generation for the reduction of nitrogen oxide, for the treatment of sewage water, the cleansing of drainage gases, for the management of the refusals and will be equipped with many other technologies in order to reduce lessened the environmental impact.

In particular, the new ship will be equipped, among other things, of a system to the vanguard of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and of a system of treatment of sewage water (AWT) of last generation. The SCR helps to reduce nitrogen oxide of 90% through an advanced technology of active control of the emissions. The coming nitrogen oxide from the engine is dealt with a catalyst and it converts it in nitrogen and water, two innocuous compounds. Thanks to system AWT, sewage water they are subordinates to a complete process of purification through a fine process of filtration a lot that it transforms to them in water whose quality is similar to that of the tap. The system satisfies the so-called "Baltic more Standard" and draft the sewage water to an elevated standard regarding the majority of those previewed for the refusals in the cities of all the world. MSC Seashore moreover will be equipped of a system of electrification from earth, that it allows with the ship of being connected to the net local electrical worker of the port allowing to ulteriorly reduce the emissions during the mooring.

These new functionalities join to other anticipate on the ships of all the fleet of the MSC Cruises with the objective to reduce lessened the environmental impact. Between these: systems hybrids for the cleansing of gases of drainage (EGCS) that they remove 98% of sulfur oxide from the emissions of the ships; advance systems of management of the refusals; systems of treatment of approved of ballast waters from Guard Costiera of the United States; systems of last generation for the prevention of the sversamenti of fuel from the engine room and launches other sagacities in order to improve energy efficiency, enclosed the systems of recovery of the heat and the lighting system to LED.


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