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September 23, 2019

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Confetra Liguria demands certainty on the times of realization of great infrastructures of the region

Laghezza asks the Liguria Region that convenes a table of confronts from which an Excel table gushes

Confetra Liguria asks, or more better it demands, than there is certainty on the times of realization of great infrastructures of the region, than - it has evidenced the regional representation of the confederation of the logistics and the transports - it is logistically more determining the national area in a position to printing carried out an operating one in terms of efficiency to all national the logistic system. "With a from Liguria highway system that it has conquered and consolidated the supremacy of black shirt for the incidentalità rate, advanced of four points to that mean of the system Country - it has denounced the oresidente of Confetra Liguria, Alessandro Laghezza - the moment has come to exit from the debate objective of lowest profile between making and not to make and to assert with absolute certainty that the works go made and go made in sure times. If it is possible if of emergencies as that of the Morandi Bridge that has led in setting up of ten works for 125 million destined in three years to change the practicability of the port of Genoa, it must become possible also in the ordinary administration".

The comment inforMARE

First to being aware that its demand will not be fulfilled seems to be the same Laghezza, than before it asks sure expirations and at last one is satisfied of presumable dates of completion of the works.

If the "proattiva and reactive" Liguria Region will convene the table of confronts expected from the president of Confetra Liguria, it is opportune that before that Laghezza reunion it assesses of what indeed wants, in order not to receive the usual reassurances and engagements that the institutions lavish in handfuls when they must answer to demands that they know not to be able to fulfill.

In that Laghezza center it would do good to speed up also the Liguria Region to become clear the ideas. In the section dedicated to infrastructures of own website, in fact, the agency anticipates the cronoprogramma of every single programmed work or under execution in the region. That is how much Laghezza evidently will ask the regional institution in occasion of the encounter. Pity that the cronoprogrammi they are not cronoprogrammi as the expiration dates lack all the previewed phases of realization of the projects and are only indicated the steps already completed.

The devil, in bureaucracy, is in the etymology.

Bruno Bellio
"As operators of the field - Laghezza has explained - we find ourselves forced daily to confront to us with customers who ask us sure answers in terms of efficiency, she costs and times of the transport. It is time necessary that also the institutions become protagonists of an operation seriousness, that is that the face puts us. The case of the Morandi Bridge has demonstrated as the reaction ability to the emergencies, let alone that to have guaranteed to the counterparts certainties on the times of realization of the roads alternatives, but also on the times of demolition and reconstruction of the bridge, they have returned a miracle for the port of Genoa possible: the safeguard and the confidence of its customers and therefore a resumption of the traffics also when the difficulties caused from the tragedy of the Morandi were daily tangible".

The president of Confetra Liguria has emphasized that from the institutions they do not have more to arrive "promised generic". Laghezza has exhorted the other organizations of category to join to the demand for Confetra Liguria: "I ask also the other entrepreneurial associations of the transport and of the logistics - it has specified - an alliance in order to force the national, regional and local institutions to sit down to a table of I confront and to sign not a generic pact for the Liguria, but a precise engagement on dates, expirations, times of realization of the works".

Between the main infrastructural works of the region for which he is indispensable to have certainties, Laghezza has cited the Third Pass, the Node of Genoa, the Pontremolese line and the railway doubling of the line with France, but - he has specified - the directory is along and comprises also the harbour works that, in a picture of reference to high judicial risk also for the harbour managers that assume decisions, have become in many cases to risk feasibility.

Concluding Laghezza it has asked "that an institution that in these months has demonstrated more reactive proattiva and, as the Liguria Region, convenes this table of confronts, within and not beyond the end of this year and that from this I confront it gushes an Excel table. In the first column - it has emphasized - the name of the work, therefore the current state of the work and the yard, the percentage of realization, the times for the completion of the work and the presumable date of entrance in function".

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