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September 23, 2019

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Assarmatori, some measures of Decreto Climate can put in knee the industry of the sea

To this sum a circular of the INPS whose effect will be to make to leaven the marine costs of labor

The measures in environmental field previewed from the government in the draft of Decreto Climate scare the shipowning association Assarmatori, measures that considers is indefensible for the industry of the sea and that they are added to a communication of the Istituto Nazionale di Social Previdenza who - he has denounced the association - risks to increase the marine costs of labor.

Assarmatori has remembered that "in Decreto Climate the linear cut of 10% of all the considered subsidies is proposed ambientalmente harmful and between these some of the aids are inserted that have afforded to the Italian marine cluster to exceed a heavy crisis, to throw again the occupation and to return to competitive being with the international competition, while to limit them now - it has found the association - it would mean to only hit the Italian enterprises, without moreover to help the atmosphere, since the majority of the traffics in the Country is operated by enterprises that would not be subject to this measure".

Between the main ambientalmente harmful qualified subsidies as that regard the marine transport there are those relative ones to the exemption from the octroi on produced the energetic employees for marine navigation and the reduction of the tax basis to the fine IRPEFS and IRES for the marine field, while between those characterizing of uncertain classification there are the contributions for marine services for the arranged transport of the goods.

"To defend the atmosphere and the occupation - the president of Assarmatori has commented, Stefano Messina - they are objectives overhead to the priorities of the Italian shipowners, but the political prescriptions that are being delineated in these days go just in the contrary direction". The shipowning association has evidenced that "in opened contradiction with the provisions that would be wanted to be launched, the same Ministry of the Atmosphere recognizes that the marine transport is "the modality energetically more efficient and with smaller environmental external costs" regarding all the others, but this - it has observed Assarmatori - is not sufficient in order to lock up the aids distributed to the cluster; generically one asserts that in order to maintain them will have to be reached imprecisati "objectives of environmental improvement in the management of the ship"; when own the shipping, perhaps in marked way regarding any other modality of transport, has completed incontestable steps forward on the topic environmental compatibility and currently is engaged in an enormous effort that it will see to reduce seven times very, in an only step aerobic, the sulfur amount contained in fuel; from on January 1, 2020, in fact, the maximum sulfur tenor admitted in naval fuels will pass from 3.5% to 0.5%. The costs for this passage are huge and integrally are supported by the armament, without some burden for the State".

Assarmatori has specified that another threat to the sustainability of the marine industry reaches also from the INPS that - the association has announced - "with a circular on 6 September, the precedence has modified interpretation of the so-called one Decrees to Dignity, establishing that the additional contribution NASpI (New Social Assurance for the Employment) that it releases to every I renew of an employment contract fixed-term is applied also to the marine field. The measure, thought for disincentivare the assumptions to term in favor of those to indeterminate time, previews an increase of 0.5% of the additional contribution, pairs to 1.4% of the salary and wage, than the satisfied employer to conclusion of a contract fixed-term and that it serves to finance the NASpI. Sin, but - it has emphasized Assarmatori - than the marine job is for its temporary or seasonal nature and the marine ones in regime of "continuity of job relationship", that is always employed from the same only shipowner they represent a minimal quota, while the overwhelming majority of the attache's is joined so-called "Turnus Particular" or to "Turnus General", a special list near the employment agencies of the Seafarers near the Harbour offices, from which the obligatorily shipowners they must reach in order to form the crew of own ships. And every contracted stops to the action of the disembarkation of the marine one. If to every called new the contributed NASpI had to increase of 0.5% (some limit to the increment is not previewed) - it has denounced the shipowning association - is easy to comprise as, in the short times, the costs would become indefensible for any shipowner, with the final result to generate an enormous bag of unemployment fed from thousands of marine ones without job, as a result of a structural crisis of the entire section, "to the face of the acknowledgment of its strategicità for the national economy"".

Specifying that "Assarmatori is convinced that does not exist a real will to prime these consequences, but it is equally sure of the existence of a cogente risk for measures assumed with too much lightness without to estimate is the effects, is the conditions of the field in which they would go to record", the president of the fine association has concluded specifying that to such, and in order to explain dynamics of the industry of the sea, Assarmatori "is ready from quickly, together with other trade associations and to the social forces, to be confronted with all the interested institutions in order to find more coherent and effective the solutions in order to improve the atmosphere and to support the occupation, without to put in danger the marine field and all the national economy".

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