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September 25, 2019

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The mayor of Cagliari invites the government to activate himself in order to unblock the crisis to the Port Channel

Truzzu exhorts to favor the release of a new landscaped authorization and to receive the ZES proposal

The mayor of Cagliari, Paolo Truzzu, has sent a letter opened to the Prime Minister of the Ministers, Giuseppe Conte, on the situation of crisis to the port of Cagliari determined from the cessation of the activity of handling of the container to the terminal of the Port Channel. "Return on the situation of the Port Channel of Cagliari - the mayor has written - and I afford to remind them the context of serious criticality in which more important pours the real estate compendium than all the Sardinia. Sul Porto Canale - Truzzu has remembered - insists a landscaped tie of which to I decree ministerial 01/03/1967, having as object the "Declaration of remarkable public interest of the beach de ‘the Plaja’ ". The Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia has many times over asked the delimiting reduction of the tie for out of the outer dams the port. The construction of the Port Channel has, in fact, modified the places and it pre-exist beach, under tie, does not exist more. Today, the Ministry of Beni Culturali not still considered of having to act. I signal, unfortunately, than the above-mentioned tie it involves a remarkable increase of costs and times (in the order three-year-old against 120 days previewed for law) for the obtaining of all the landscaped authorizations - environmental propedeutiche for any structural participation. There are more than 100 million euros than investments for shipbuilding the naval one of the Industrial Port that cannot be used because of the tie".

"It is my precise intention - it has specified Truzzu in the letter - to aim at the development, being abandoned the old assistenzialistiche practical. The port of Cagliari has all for being an attractive, interesting and convenient pole under the commercial, tourist profile, as yard specialized in the rimessaggio of pleasure crafts also of remarkable dimensions. I do not want that the constraints make useless a choice of development on which all the ruling class Sardinian era in agreement opportunely. Among other things, the sentences with which the administrative judge in first and according to degree it has cancelled relative the landscaped authorizations to the construction of the entire compendium of the Port Channel, preventing to realize the works previewed in the Portuale Town development plan approved of, losing financings for about 30 million euros".

"Illustrious president - he has emphasized the mayor of Cagliari - so is difficult to make development. Also the requalification of the Historical Port cannot prescind from the transfer of the commercial and fleeting traffics, to the Port Channel, with obvious fallen back the economic ones that they regard the harbour enterprises, workers and the induced one that derives some. The District Legal profession of the State of Cagliari and the legislative Office of the Mibact has decided to proceed, by means of release by the Office Landscaped Protection of the Region Sardinia and premises Supervision, upon request of the Authority of System, to a new landscaped authorization, according to the enforced norm. The same Head office of the Mibact has many times over sped up the start of the relative preliminary investigation. Until the resolution of the issue, the legislative Office more would not have released opinions and authorizations on projects of works, infrastructural and not, falling back in the within of the Port Channel. I evidence that the local Supervision, represented during Conference of the services from the named only representative by the prefect, that has expressed to seem favorable, has been shown of notice to the contrary and has successively place opposition to the Prime Minister's Office".

"Absolutely they are convinced - it has continued Truzzu - than the protection of the landscape is essential value, and I beat myself in order to safeguard all the data of beauty and identity to hand on in our territory but I believe that also the right to the job and the economic development must be held from account. Absolutely they are convinced in fact that the revocation of the tie in object does not bring damage some, does not preview no "wound"".

In the letter to Count the mayor has put in evidence also the topic of the ZES: "on the topic of the job and the development, illustrious Mr. Prime Minister - Truzzu has written - I insist, subjecting them the issue of the ZES, Zone Special Economy. In this way we risk to lose investments and store clerks, the only road who we can cover is that to return the port of call to the great investor attractive. The road characterized from the Sardinia Region is exactly that of the ZES and the elapsed customs bonded area, as from decision sent to the Presidency of the Council in November 2018. It is from more than a year on the table of the competent ministries. If the project left, with the positive acceptation from the part of the Presidency of the Council, we will have great benefits for all the territory. New operators would attract themselves, would be diversified productive takeovers, will develop an ecosystem in which to benefit some they would be many boys who would have salaries online with the great professionals who already operate in Europe, in less vincolistici regimes and sure more convenient".

"They are sure - it has concluded Truzzu - than the located issues have an intrinsic validity and, in quality of mayor of Cagliari and of the Metropolitan City, them I call on the two decisive steps in order to guarantee a future of well-being and development for all our island. To favor the release of the above-mentioned landscaped authorization and to receive the ZES proposal that lies on its table are for us fundamental. Depending on a favorable acceptation of our demand, Them shipment my more sincerely yours".

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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