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26 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:55 GMT+2

October 7, 2019

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The segment of the cruises in the Italian ports will close 2019 with the 12,09 million one passengers (+8.8%)

On 18 October to Cagliari the ninth edition of the forum Italian Cruise Day will hold

The segment of the cruises in the Italian ports will close year 2019 with a traffic of 4.834 ships for a total of 12,09 million passengers, with increments respective of +3.2% and +8.8% on the year precedence. The esteem is of the society of search and advising Answers Tourism that will introduce the data on the crocieristica activity in national the harbour ports of call and in those of the Mediterranean, collected in the relationship of search Italian Cruise Watch realized from the company, in the course of the ninth edition of the forum anniversary Italian Cruise 18 Day that will hold next October near the Former Manufacture Tobaccos of Cagliari and that this year in partnership is organized from Answers Tourism with the Councillorship of Tourism, Handicraft and Commerce of the Independent Region of the Sardinia and with the support of Clia Europe.

The report of Answers Tourism evidences that in 2019 Italy the first nation of the Mediterranean for number of crocieristi enlivened in own ports of call will confirm itself (embarks, disembarks and transits), with about 40% of the traffic total in the area. This year they will be the four Italian crocieristici ports in the top ten Mediterranean, number that salt to nine considering the first 20 crocieristici ports of call of the Mediterranean in which - the relationship announces - in the 2019 they have made port of call 8,959 cruise ships for a traffic of 23,79 million passengers, with increments of +8.9% and of +9.5% on 2018.

In the detail, Civitavecchia, with 827 touched ship (+8.8%) and 2,56 million crocieristi (+4.9%) will behind maintain the second position of Barcelona, port of call in which the traffic it will be of 838 ships (+1.0%) and 3,15 million passengers. Fleeting Venice will be classified to the fifth place with 1,55 million enlivened and 500 touched ship, stable on the year precedence for the enlivened passengers and touched the stable ship and also for position in classify regarding 2018. It will follow fleeting Genoa to the sixth place with 1,35 million enlivened and 268 touched ship, in strong increase on 2018 are for enlivened passengers (+33.5%) are for number of approach (+17.0%), in climb of a position in classify regarding 2018. Therefore fleeting Naples to the seventh place with 1,23 million enlivened and 456 touched ship, in increase on 2018 is for enlivened passengers (+14.6%) is for number of approaches (+20.3%), in climb of a position in classifies regarding 2018.

In the ranking of 2019 of the first 20 Mediterranean crocieristi ports they then figure fleeting Livorno to 11° the place with 838 thousand enlivened and 384 touched ship, in increase on 2018 are for enlivened passengers (+6.7%) are for number of approach (+8.5%), in reduction of a position in classify regarding 2018; Fleeting Savona to 15° the place with 770 thousand enlivened and 162 touched ship, in reduction on 2018 is for passengers enlivened (- 9.2%), are for number of approach (- 16.5%), in reduction on 2018 of six places regarding the year precedence; Fleeting La Spezia to 16° the place with 650 thousand enlivened and 147 ships will record the more important increase for variation than fleeting enlivened on 2018 (+45.0%) and also for number of it approaches (+13.9%) and in 2019 it will enter in classifies for the first time; Fleeting Bari to 18° the place with 610 thousand enlivened and 234 touched ship, with increments is for enlivened passengers (+6.5%) is for number of approaches (+9.9%), in reduction of two places in classifies regarding 2018; Fleeting Palermo to 19° the place with 570 thousand enlivened and 156 touched ship, in light reduction on 2018 for number of passengers enlivened (- 1.3%) and in marked way for number than approach (- 9.3%), will remain in top 20 of the Mediterranean although exceeded from Bari and Kotor regarding the position of 2018.

Relatively to the other crocieristiche nations of the Mediterranean, the study of Answers Tourism emphasizes as, altogether, in five years Spain with its 21 crocieristici ports of call has halved the gap of traffic with Italy, passing from 7,3 million the passengers enlivened in 2014 to 9,7 million the passengers enlivened in 2018.

Finding to such purpose that "the investments and the engagement of the operators, and naturally the favorable morphology let alone the artistic and landscaped historical wealth, have contributed to determine the Italian leadership to Mediterranean and European level", president of Answers Turismo, Francesco di Cesar - he has observed that "the international context is but more and more competitive and then - have specified of Cesar - it is necessary to look to this that they make the others, not necessarily in order to emulate some chosen and you approach, but in order more better to estimate as our results are going. These last ones, as I repeat from long time, do not only go but intended as traffic volumes, but as with of other fundamental variable ones, between which, in order to only cite of one that in fact of it groups many others, the economic and social sustainability of the phenomenon".

After the presentation of Italian Cruise Watch 2019, the ninth edition of Italian Cruise Day will continue with the round table "the crocieristica in Italy: state of the art and future perspectives", traditional appointment of the forum to which they will participate to exponents of summit as well as of some active crocieristiche companies in Italy how much of truth engaged in the management of crocieristici ports. The morning of work will conclude with the delivery of the Prize of Bachelor ICD of the value of thousand euros dedicated to the best graduation thesis on the crocieristici production and/or tourism, and of the Prize of Laurea Assoporti of the value of 500 euros conferred to the author of the best thesis on the crocieristica portualità.

The afternoon of Italian Cruise Day will be enriched by four dedicated round tables, respective, to the innovation (title: "To innovate in order to grow"), to the existing relationship, and to what it will be able to be developed in future, between crocieristico tourism and the destinations (title: "Crocieristica and territories"), to the models of development of the crocieristici ports of call of the Country ("Responsibility, investments and governance: models of development of the crocieristici ports of call") and to the attention towards the atmosphere, its protection and valorization by the companies of compact (the title: "The crocieristica and the atmosphere").

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