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October 31, 2019

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MSC Cruises takes in delivery new Huge flagship MSC and celebrates the cut of the first sheet of MSC Europe

The company collaborates with Chantiers de the Atlantique to an innovative research project and development centralized on integration of a new technology to cells to fuel

Today the shipbuilding society French Chantiers de the Atlantique has delivered the new Huge cruise ship MSC that is the new flagship of the MSC fleet Cruises, company that this morning has celebrated also the cut of the first sheet of the first ship of the new class "Class World" that MSC Europe will be called. The class will be constituted by five ships fed to ordered which liquified natural gases from the company, that it will invest five billions of euro in the project, and MSC Europe, that it will have a tonnage of 205.700 tons, will be the first ship to GNL to being constructed in France.

In concomitanza with the cut of the sheet of MSC Europe, MSC Crociere and Chantiers de the Atlantique has introduced also an innovative research project and called development PACBOAT that concentrate on integration of a new technology to cells to fuel (fuel cell). This system will produce to electricity and heat using the GNL. The two partner, emphasizing that integration of technology SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) on board of a cruise ship is an innovation of world-wide level, has explained that this technology work to temperatures much elevated (~750° C) and she has demonstrated more efficient for applications marine regarding those to hydrogen to low temperature (Proton Exchange Fuel Cell Membranes, PEMFC) used for example in the automotive field. The technology SOFC offers to an optimal efficiency electrical worker that arrives until 60% and, since the produced heat can be red-use on board, its total efficiency - heat and electricity - very more is elevated and involves a direct reduction of the power consumption and therefore of the gas emissions greenhouse (GHG).

MSC Crociere and Chantiers de the Atlantique have evidenced that this fed solution SOFC to GNL would reduce therefore the gas emission greenhouse of about 30% regarding a conventional engine GNL, without some oxide emission of nitrogen, thin sulfur oxides or powders. Moreover it has the advantage of being compatible with various types of fuel (GNL/metano, methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, etc) and therefore also with the their future versions to lowland emission.

"We are pleased - the executive president of MSC Cruises has commented, Pierfrancesco Vago - of being able to support this highly innovative project, since demonstrates our engagement ulteriorly in order to contribute to the development of advanced environmental technologies of last generation of which it will be able to benefit the entire section. This is a key element in our distance in order to become a company to impact zero is in sea that to earth".

Huge MSC, that it has a tonnage of 181.000 tons, can accommodate 6,334 passengers and 1,704 members of the crew. MSC Europe, that it will be taken in delivery in May 2022, will be able to accommodate 6,761 passengers and 2,139 members of the crew.

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