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20 February 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:27 GMT+1

November 5, 2019

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Cepsa announces of being ready to resupply the ships in the Spanish ports with consistent bunker IMO 2020

Alphaliner previews that by the next year great part of the containerized fleet will be fed with expensive fuel VLSFO

The oil company Spanish Cepsa, that he is the main fuel supplier to marine use in the Spanish ports and the only supplier of bunker in the port of Gibraltar, has announced to have already under way the commercialization of naval petroleum oil and lubricant that respects the new norms adopted within the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that they will take effect next 1° January and that they fix to 0.50% in mass the maximum limit of the sulfur tenor in marine fuel.

The Iberian company, that it resupplies the ships of bunker also in the region of Panama hat and that of the United Arab Emirates, has announced in fact to have introduced in own pocketbook of producing to a new fuel VLSFO (Very-Low Sulfur Oil Fuel) that it respects this limit let alone two types of lubricants in rule with the new norms. In particular, Cepsa has specified that bunker VLSFO is experienced in the past few months on nine ships resupplied in the port of Algeciras, test whose outcome - it has emphasized the company - has exceeded those obtained in laboratory.

If I use it of most expensive fuel VLSFO is one of the options that the shipowners will adopt in order to return from the next year their consistent ships to the new international norms, the other main possibilities in order to adapt the fleets consist in the employment of the which liquified natural gas on the endowed ships of drive systems in a position to using this fuel or in equipping the ships with systems of purification of gases of drainage commonly called scrubber. On these three options are centralized the relation introduced today to the inaugural day of the conference European Intermodal 2019, in development to Amburgo, by Stefan Verberckmoes, analyst and editor of the society of search and Alphaliner advising. In its Verberckmoes participation it has found that many shipowners that they operate in the segment of the containerized transport marine are taken much time in order to estimate the options to they disposition and this - has observed - means that from the next year the majority of the 5,300 portacontainer cellular that takes part of the world-wide fleet will have to use bunker VLSFO.

Verberckmoes has specified that however Alphaliner has found, beginning from last june, a fort increase of the installations of scrubber, than at the end last month they are mounted on 153 ships, number that Alphaliner previews goes up to 260 portacontainer within next the first January for a hold ability pairs to 2,3 million teu, that is 10% of the total ability to world-wide the containerized fleet.

In its Verberckmoes relation it analyzes relative the additional costs to the fuel that the shipowners shift the blame onto on shippers and loaders and find that, although the greater costs of the bunker have an impact directed on the operating costs, the elaborated historical data from Alphaliner demonstrate that a correlation directed between the prices of the fuel and the financial results of the shipowning enterprises does not exist, but that the operating margins depend in great part from the revenues of the companies, and therefore from the level of the hires, that they are influenced by the relationship between the cargo question and by the ability offered from the fleets of the companies. However Verberckmoes has evidenced that the new limit of the sulfur tenor in the bunker of IMO 2020 the fact is changing this relationship as a large number of portacontainer of large-capacity is placed outside service for being subordinates to the work of installation of the scrubber, work that - second found how much from Alphaliner - up to now has lasted medium 62 days. Verberckmoes has specified that in the end of October they were not less than the 86 ships in the yards ships subordinates to the participation of installation of the scrubber and that at least others 14 ships were firm waiting for a free basin for being subordinates to these work. According to Alphaliner, this trend will continue in the course of 2020 and at the end of the next year the ability to the endowed portacontenitori of systems of purification of drainage gases will go up to five million teu.

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