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November 7, 2019

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Technical breakdown on cruise ferry the Princess Anastasia of the Moby SPL who today returns in service

Fit Cisl Liguria denunciation the state of uncertainty of tens of workers of Moby and Tirrenia

Cruise ferry the Princess Anastasia of the company Moby SPL, joint venture between the St Russian. Peter Line and the Italian Moby, have run aground last night quickly after to be left from the port of Stockholm, incident that - it has explained the company - is determined by a short interruption of the electric power on board of the ferry that transported beyond thousand passengers. Moby SPL has specified that, resolved the problem, the commander has decided to make return in port in order to carry out ulterior technical assessments. Today the company has announced that tonight the Princess Anastasia will carry out crossing towards Helsinki where is previewed will arrive to hours 22.30.

While Fit Cisl Liguria has launch an alarm for the state of uncertainty for the risen ones of tens of workers of Moby and Tirrenia, companies that make both part of the Honored group Shipping. "The worry also to Genoa is growing - Mauro Scognamillo, general secretary Fit Cisl Liguria for the future of Moby and Tirrenia has explained: there are beyond 30 employed administrative workers in the genoese center who are worried for their future, the situation is becoming more and more critical not only in the capital of Liguria but in all the Italian cities where the centers of the company are found. We are speaking about thousands of workers between marine Italians, direct and indirect workers. It is - it has evidenced the representative of the union - a game that goes faced to Rome, directly in the competent ministries that still have today not comprised the gravity of what could happen in the next weeks, and from which we do not have answers".

"Every place of work - it has emphasized Davide Traverso, regional secretary Fit Cisl with delegation to the ports - goes in any case respected and defended. To Genoa there are five workers who take care of maintenances for Moby and about 25 administrative employees and near Tirrenia. There is great uncertainty on these companies, tied also to the wars you register some between shipowners enticed from the state subsidies for the islands: sussiste indeed the risk that many workers can find themselves without occupation from a day to the other. The deafening one Hush by local politics has made us launch the alarm outcry so that a sign of attention, what can finally be had that months ago, for the 15 dependent of Tirrenia object of transfers to Livorno and lay-offs, not has been".

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