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28 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:53 GMT+2

November 7, 2019

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In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of -5,3%

The harbour port of call of Chioggia has recorded an increase of +34.8%

The Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has announced that in the first nine months of this year the ports of Venice and Chioggia have enlivened 19,63 million tons of goods, with a decrease of the -4,0% on the same period of 2018 producing by a decrease of the -5,3% of the volumes enlivened from the port of Venice and an increase of +34.8% of those enlivened from the harbour port of call of Chioggia (+34.8%).

The harbour agency has specified that "the bending percentage is not in itself particularly meaningful if the historical course of the flows considers itself that to Venice stretch to record a peak negative in the third trimester and is indeed online with data 2018 and 2017. It is rather - it has found the authority - the slow down of first semester 2019, correspondent to the braked one of the international commerce, to weigh on the total volumes that are reduced proportionally in uniform way on the main cargo types: energetic, agricultural and food-, iron and steel and chemical".

"In controtendenza - it has specified the agency - the field of the container: in first three trimesters 2019, in fact, the total budget appears negative (- 3.8% pairs to -17.729 teu) but, considering the single full containers that effectively produce value on the territory, the result returns in positive (+0.7% pairs to +2.371 teu). In this remarkablly hung section the reduction of draught of the Venetian port that affects the touched ones of the direct service".

"Obvious the difficulties of the iron and steel field that suffers a decrease from 9.3% of the traffics in the first nine months of the year because of the decrease of the bulk exchanges irons worker. The uncertain course of the section last September lasts from and photographer a scene where the greater producers remain waiting for to understand the movements of some pulling ahead fields, as the automotive, hit from important protezionistiche measures. The forecasts catch a glimpse an improvement of the exchanges only beginning from the end of first trimester 2020".

"Also the agricultural and food- one - the analysis of the harbour authority continues - sees a decrease of the enlivened volumes of the -15,7% regarding the same period of 2018. They weigh in particular smaller maize supplyings (- 49%), soft wheat (- 43%) and seeds of soybean (- 10%). The increase compensates the budget partially of disembarks of flour of soybean (+22%), in fort increase on the European market where the USA have diverted part of the up to now classified quotas to China".

"The increase of 1.7% of the crocieristi recorded between January and september 2019 confirmation the good results year on year (+1.4%)".

Relatively to the port of Chioggia, positive the results in the first nine months of 2019 (+34.8% pairs to +245 thousand tons) graces mainly to the increase of the section mineral, concretes and soccers (+21.4%) and to goods several (+72.6%) that they comprise also the exceptional necks and the produced ones iron and steel.

"The Lagunari ports - it has observed the president of the AdSP, Pino Musolino - have lost about 800 thousand tons in 2019. The Venetian port of call, with its industrial vocation, suffers heavy of the scene of international uncertainty that, fed from the commercial war between the United States and China, lasts from almost a year and ripercuote on the European manifacturing row. The result negative, therefore, is son of total commercial and industrial dynamics but also of the bureaucratic impasse that prevents us to carry out the necessary work of escavo in way such to conserve and to improve nautical accessibility. The more outright example is the loss of the ship carries containers from 8.500 teu that the New Via of the Silk would have had to touch last October to Venice consolidating our long garrison. The situation - Musolino has recriminated - is still more frustrating if it is considered that the answer of the markets regarding our services is good, test of is the result in increase of the full containers, sign that the companies of the northeast have the necessity to have of a efficient port from which embarking own produced ones and provisioning".


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