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November 14, 2019

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Convention to Mestre on "fatigue" of the marine ones

Between the organizers, Propeller Venetian Club of Venice and ATHENA

The The International Propeller Club Port of Venice, ATHENA Venetian, regional section of the Italian Association of Naval Technology, the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Venice, the Foundation Venetian Engineers and the College of the Italian Railway Engineers has taken care of the problem of the fatigue of the crews of the ships in the within of the convention from the title "the hard work in the naval crews" held tuesday near the room conventions of the Hotel Bologna Best Western of Mestre.

Opening the work president of Propeller Club of Venice, Massimo Bernardo, and the Venetian president of ATHENA, Walter Prendin, has specified the importance of the argument of the convention that is faced by the same International Maritime Organization (IMO) with the institution of an appropriate one working group in the within of the subcommittee Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping, that it is charged to spread some lines guide that helped to all the actors at stake in order to face the problem of "fatigue" of the crews of the ships. Of these lines he guides has spoken to the director about VEMARS, Giovanni Faraguna, emphasizing the danger who the fatigue of the crew can involve for safety of the ship and evidencing the necessity to operate for the management of the hard work until from the phase of planning of the ships, previewing atmospheres that they afford to diminish its effects.

The doctor Stefania Stratimirovich has illustrated the effects of the fatigue on the marine crews from the medical point of view; the commander you Massimo Comelato has described the edge life, is in navigation is during the harbour operations, listing the interpersonal conditions that generate fatigue as excessive workloads, noise, relationships and the marine conditions; Andrea Pesce, director of Stella Maris Venezia, have evidenced the aid that this association offers to the seafarers in order to return their life more comfortable when the ship is berthed to Marghera Port and Marine in the historical center of Venice. Andrea Trespidi, in charge of the formation, of safety on job and atmosphere of RFI (Italian Railway Net PLC), instead has stopped itself on the hard work of the railwaymen, figures that are often found engaged in turns of night in order to tackle to the ordinary maintenances or extraordinary participations of restoration of the net. Giulia Cisotto and Mattia Doro, both of the University of Padua, have introduced the vision of the problem from the scientific point of view on the base of a study of the attentivi processes in the working activities. Concluding the work Paolo Siligato, representative of unions ITF and Filt Cgil, he has described the previewed working hours for the crews from the international conventions evidencing as these, for several causes, very rarely are respected with consequent an excessive extension of the serious working hours that cause damages to the crews.

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