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28 November 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:15 GMT+1

November 19, 2019

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In increase street and railway the traffic goods in Switzerland

Last year the greater increment of national the heavy traffic of last the 20 years is recorded

Last year the performances of the transport goods in Switzerland have recorded an increment of +2.1% in terms of producing of the tons transported for the covered kilometers being are pairs to 27,93 billion ton-kilometer regarding 27,36 billion t-km in 2017. The Helvetic federal Office of statistics (UST) has announced today that in the 2018 performances of the road haulage they have totaled 17,72 billion t-km, with a rise of +2.5%, while those of the rail shipment have marked an increase of +1.4% being are pairs to 10,21 billion t-km.

Relatively to the street transport, a particularly marked increment has been that of the national transports that, with an increase of +4.7%, have marked the greater increase of last the 20 years and supplied the maximum contribution to the increase of the performances of the transport goods in 2018. With 10,7 billion ton-kilometer, internal the heavy traffic has moreover marked the measured value more never elevated. The UFT has found that an explanation of the fort increase of the performances of transport in on the road national traffic could be the positive conjunctural development in Switzerland: in 2018, in fact, the Gross Domestic Product one has marked a progression of +2.8% regarding the year precedence, clearly to above of the medium increase of last the ten years.

In the 2018 percentage of the rail shipments regarding all the transport performances have remained unchanged around 37% and that of the street transports around 63%. Specifying that the railroad therefore has not succeeded to compensate the loss of market share pairs to two points percentages endured in 2017, the UFT it has evidenced that however the quota rail shipment of 37% is elevated if confronted on the international plan: that average of States UE-28, in fact, is attested to 18% approximately.

The UFT has observed that in principle in Switzerland road and railroad is not in competition, but they are completed mutually: while to regional level the existing infrastructure does so as that the capillary distribution of the goods in the majority of the cases can happen only on the road, the track offers advantages in particular on the long distances. Evince from the fact - it has clarified the federal Office of statistics - than in the 2018 in Switzerland the heavy truck and semitowings they have supplied 64% of the performances of transport in the internal and single traffic in transport international 36% (import, export and transit), while in transport railway to boss the show with a quota 75% it has been the international traffic.

In general terms, also the medium distances of transport in the railway traffic goods turn out clearly greater regarding those street ones: while in the 2018 transports on the Swiss railway net they have been carried out in average on beyond 171 kilometers, on the road the goods has covered only 49 kilometers. The marked difference is that recorded from the internal traffic (track: 116 km, road: 38 km), while track is slightly inferior in the exports (: 135 km, road: 84 km) and in the imports (track: 107 km, road: 84 km).

It constitutes instead an exception the transit traffic: in the 2018 medium distance of transport on the road he has been of 276 kilometers, that is slightly advanced to that on track, pairs to 238 kilometers. This - it has explained the UFT - has had to the fact that the aces of railway transit through Switzerland mainly attended are slightly more courts than those than street transit, not last thanks to the gallery of base of the Gottardo. Before its opening to end 2016, the medium distance of the traffic of railway transit still piled to about 260 kilometers.

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