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November 19, 2019

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The next week will be started the procedure in order to search a new terminalista for the Port Channel of Cagliari

It has assured the president of the Sardinia Region. The unions remember the necessity of the overcoming of landscaped constraints

One has held today to Rome, near the Ministry of the Economic Development, the relative table to the Society Industrial Port of Cagliari of the group Contship Italy, the company that managed the container terminal to the Port Channel of Cagliari and that in the past few months the activity has stopped as a result of the loss of the ports of call of the ships of the Hapag-Lloyd German, the main customer of the terminal, making therefore rerun to the extraordinary redundancy fund for business closing as agreed during the precedence held table 31st July, measure - it has evidenced today the Ministry - that has afforded to face the emergency and to safeguard the 210 next workers tothe lay-off procedure and to start a verification on the presence of possible interested investor to throw again the harbour port of call of Cagliari.

The necessity to search possible investor is restated in the today's reunion and to such purpose the ministry has announced that the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia has communicated that such search will be extended to international subjects. "The search of an industrial solution to the dispute of Port Channel - the undersecretary Alessandra Todde has commented - is a priority of all the subjects involved to the table. In order to support the international call, that it will be indetta from the Harbour Authority in order to characterize new investor - has added - the MiSE sets as objective that to facilitate the interdepartmental interlocuzione, to the aim to favor I throw again of the harbour port of call of Cagliari and to protect the workers".

For the vice chief of staff Giorgio Sorial, "the phase in which we find ourselves today is positive in the method and the fixed objectives. Regarding the start of the table, happened in a situation of dramatic urgency in the search of a solution - Sorial has asserted - important steps forward towards the safeguard of the occupational and productive levels of the workers are completed. The takeover of this table is propedeutico to the structural definition of the activities of the Port Channel of Cagliari. Strongly we are convinced that a combined job of this table can be of aid for the attraction of the investments and the search of a new investor. The next steps are operating and regard the necessary interlocuzioni to the release and obtaining of special the economic zone in favor of the port of Cagliari".

Also second the Sardinian regional city council members to the Job, Alessandra Zedda, to the Industry, Anita Pili, and to the Transports, Giorgio Todde, with the today's table are completed "steps ahead". "It has been - they have explained - a profitable encounter: the aspects of the dispute of the Port Channel with steps are examined all ahead for throw again of the commercial port of call inhabitant of cagliari, fundamental infrastructure for all the Sardinia". "The strategicità of the Port is evidenced - it has added Zedda, that he is vice president of the Sardinian regional committee - Channel for the traffic of the containers and also is examined the situation of Special the Economic Zones, the ZES; next friday to Rome we expect that they come emanated you decree". "Sul forehead of the occupation - it has concluded Alessandra Zedda - we have illustrated the initiatives activated from the Region: the workers are convened and outlined and now he will be proceeded with the location of the course. The necessity is mentioned also to make to quickly leave the international warning for research purposes of the new terminalista and president Deiana has assured us that from the next week there will already be the "call" that presumablly he will last until February".

Concrete participations and actions are sped up by the representatives of the unions. "We today consider important - the secretary Filt Cgil Cagliari, Massimiliana has asserted Touch - the carried out argument to the interdepartmental table from we strongly demanded, but we wait for that the engagements taken on the ZES institution are translate in concrete actions, customs bonded area and on the overcoming of landscaped constraints in sight of the international call that has necessity of being sostanziata from concrete elements, together with the previewed investments of 94 million euros for infrastructure, that they return the industrial port of Cagliari attractive. The auspice - it has continued Touch - is that the involved subjects work in unison in order to promote and to throw again the port of transhipment as motor important of development for the territory of Cagliari and all the Sardinia". "The current phase of support to the yield of the workers - it has concluded the representative of the Filt Cgil - has own the objective to accompany them towards the restart of the harbour activities and that the auspice is that they can re-enter as soon as possible to the job".

To the encounter on the dispute of the industrial port of Cagliari, the national secretary of Fit-Cisl has announced, Maurizio Diamante, "we have represented the difficulties and the constraints to exceed that currently they do not afford I throw again of the terminal, firstly the topic of the environmental impact but also the necessary release of the ZES and the Bonded area. We have asked urgent participations against the imminent publication for the international call. In the 12 months of extraordinary redundancy fund it is necessary to give urgent answers to the 206 involved workers. The MiSE, in the debit the maximum urgency to the dispute, together with the other present institutions, has convene with we to hold open the interdepartmental table, with the engagement of riconvocare us within the February month in order to estimate the steps ahead completed".

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